Metabolical (1)

Subtitled “The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern Medicine” the book offers a lot of wisdom that I wish I were smarter enough to fully comprehend.

Excerpts so far:

Now to the title, Metabolical is a portmanteau (a word blending two others) of “metabolic”: – the workings of the body – and “diabolical” – the workings of food, pharma, and the Feds. All claim to be on your side, but they’re on their own sides, and you’re the victim of their propaganda. (page 12)

The fact is that only 33 percent of the people treated for cancer are “cured” (five-year event-free survival), and only 7 percent of them don’t develop another cancer in the next twenty years. (page 19)

Autoimmune diseases (like Crohn’s disease) are thought to attack randomly, but we now know that intestinal bacterial pathogens are frequently the target of a disordered immune response to the consumption of processed foods. (page 23)

Government didn’t get involved for decades, because it’s harder to remove a chronic exposure than it is to prevent an acute one; especially when Big Business stands to make a profit. (page 28)

Our current crop of antibiotics is coming close to being useless. Add to that the fact that viral diseases are now even more dangerous and harder to control than bacteria ever were, as exemplified by HIV in 1979, hantavirus in 1993, Ebola in 2014, and coronavirus in 2020. (pages 29-30)

Fat stored anywhere else in the body is called ectopic fat. If the muscle or liver or any other body tissue store any amount of ectopic fat, then that tissue will develop metabolic dysfunction, and promote some clinical manifestation of metabolic syndrome. (page 32)

Modern Medicine is a racket….I learned nutrition in college, and then unlearned it in a medical school curriculum influenced by Big Pharma. (page 47)

When given the choice, it’s easier to throw meds at the problem and throw shade at the critics. Academic societies often blur the facts. What would happen to the ADA if people knew they could prevent diabetes without medicine?…After all, why would a private nonprofit society dedicated to eradicating a disease want the disease eradicated? (page 56)

Predictably, the focus of medical school education is on treatment – drugs, devices, and digging (surgery) – because they make money for the physician, Big Pharma, and Med-Tech. (page 58)

For every $1 spent on “basic research,” Big Pharma spends $19 on promotions and advertising. (page 95)

Big Pharma needs doctors to power the machine that generates their profit. Only one-third ($26 billion) of their annual $85 billion profit comes from over-the-counter drugs that patients can buy without a prescription – and so Pharma has to keep doctors prescribing. The best way to do that? Control the medical school curriculum. And how to do that? Pay for stuff. (page 100)

All medicines are selective toxins, poisoning one specific pathway in the body. (page 102)

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