Union County: Debt and Taxes

Union County, New Jersey has a populaiton of 526,426 and has been under one-party hegemony for 15 years.  Here are the results:






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  1. Posted by Gene Albritton on February 21, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Take a look at the commentary regarding Union County in the December 2010 Fitch rating of certain UCIA bonds (at http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20101207007229/en/Fitch-Rates-Union-County-Improvement-Authority-NJs ) :

    “The tax base is sizable at $24 billion or $149,799 per capita, and has yet to experience a contraction during this current economic cycle. However, data available to Fitch indicates the county housing foreclosure rate is 214% of the national average.”

    Fitch doesn’t mention the County’s overall property tax situation, just the existing debt levels which don’t bother Fitch since the County Bonds are entitled to the first dollars taxed and the County pledges to raise taxes if it needs to.

    But with the County’s tax burdens being as onerous they are, it is not surprising that Union County’s residents are suffering to the point where they lose their homes MORE THAN TWICE as often on average as other US counties.

    (P.S. John –Check with Peter Scull on this latest outrage:

    The 2011 Union County Golf fee schedule now allows non-county resident to pay only a total $50 more a year to benefit from the lower fees and to reserve times equal to residents. As a resident, however, I pay currently many thousands in property taxes to live in this County, and now will almost certainly be crowded out by golfers from Middlesex and other counties. This is no doubt all part of an effort to render the County golf operations profitable for KenperSports and to salvage the failing golf operations “tunaround” plan the County Manager instituted in 2008-2009.

    But the effect of this latest move will be effectively to complete the destruction of what was for many decades a golf program primarily for the benefit of the County’s residents who paid and are paying for the courses with their tax dollars — and who received and will receive no property taxes on the land devoted to those County golf courses. Clearly, the Freeholders in approving this new fee schedule had no regard whatsoever of the interests of County resident golfers whom they claim to represent.

    And if this plan to open up and fill the County’s courses with non-County golfers made any sense at all, it would have made more sense to try it in 2008, BEFORE Oak Ridge Golf Course was closed and destroyed.)


  2. Posted by Brian P Keane on August 22, 2012 at 10:46 am

    10 Years ago today The UC Freeholders voted 8-0 1 Freeholder astained for the Privatization of the Printing Facility at 79 W Grand Street Elizabeth NJ. Xerox Inc has been operating the print shop since January 5, 2003. During the public speaking portion of the regular meeting August 22 2002 9 residents and 1 UC employee stepped forward to protest the closing of a department and allowing directors freeholders and county managers the reign to pillage and rape UC Taxpayers.
    Ex VP Freeholder Mary Rutolo said. The Privatization of the Printing Facility will cost millions less than expected in the years to come. What Union County Taxpayers didn’t know was the budget was only half a million dollars including salarys healthcare and office supplies. The expected budget of the UC Printing Facility is over $3 Million Dollars per year as of 2012. Just ask Ex CM George Devanney c/o Royal Printing Co and Ex UC Freeholder Linda and Richard Stendler SVO Printing Rockaway NJ…


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