Christie curse-fest and how the media keeps blowing it

Two of the ‘angry drunks’ (Tom Moran and Paul Mulshine) took umbrage at having their off-the-record evening reported and Christie’s remarks recorded:


The scandal is believing that these mean-spirited ramblings bear some resemblance to what passed at the Algonquin round table or a Friar’s Club roast when it doesn’t even rise to a level acceptable to either Crispin Glover or Kiefer Sutherland from their druggie acolytes by the river.

What would have been funny:

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Christie Curses Out NJ Media

The New York Times even covered it primarily because the speech was surreptitiously recorded:

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Who Christie Doesn’t Care About

Though he didn’t use those exact words.


Nationally there is the White House Correspondents dinner where politicians and those who cover them get to poke fun at each other. This is likely C-Span’s highest rated program and is covered widely in the mass media.

New Jersey has it’s own version called the New Jersey Legislative Correspondent’s Club annual show.  It was held last night and only one media outlet seems to have covered it.

Below are youtubes from prior years to give you the flavor and then what Chris Christie was reported to have said at this year’s event.

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If the NJEA wanted to be scarier (and fairer)

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is releasing an ad that appears to be hard hitting:


But there is no context.  Fortunately, we have 15 years of TPAF valuation reports on the state website and it is fairly easy to make up a spreadsheet to check the numbers.  Projecting out, state and local contributions look to have been closer to $5 billion than $3 billion while member contributions would come in at $9 billion instead of $10 billion over the last 20 years but there is one number conspicuously absent from the NJEA story.

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Bizarro Day for New Jersey Pensions

There were hearings yesterday where New Jersey legislators were told that there the state might be able to scrape together another $200 million to put into a pension system that that has an accrued deficit of $166 billion (using realistic assumptions).  But it gets weirder.

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Bubble Boy Snapped

I wanted to see the video to make sure it wasn’t some tongue-in-cheek comment.  It wasn’t.

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Teachable Moment in New Jersey

” If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning”
~ His Burial Too (c) Catherine Aird 1973

Three months after a roadmap to resolution of the pension problem in New Jersey was released we are at a standstill.  An njspotlght story updated what is going on (or more accurately not going on) and ended with this quote:

“It’s really not in anybody’s interest to have the state become insolvent,” Byrne said. “Whether we like it or not, we’re all in this together.”

Leaving aside the question of what insolvency would look like there is an obvious public purpose served by having New Jersey go insolvent.

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