Pension Pig

REPORTER: “The head of the police, PBA union in New Jersey has been pretty vocal, as I’m sure you’ve heard in the past couple of weeks…”

CHRISTIE: “Yeah, well listen, Matt…”

REPORTER: “Well let’s just ask why.”

CHRISTIE: “It’s because he’s a pension pig, that’s why. That’s all it’s about and you know that. That’s exactly what it’s all about. He’s a pension pig. That’s what it’s always been about. It’s about feeding at the trough as much as he possibly can. That’s what they’ve always been about. Rank-and-file law enforcement men and women have voted for me in overwhelming numbers in both my elections in New Jersey. And they’ll vote for me again as Governor because they know that in the things that matter the most to them—the things that matter the most to them—that I stand up with them. The fact is, I’ve also been the person who’s tried to repair their pension system for them, as well after years of neglect and mismanagement and broken promises. Right now, the police and fire system in New Jersey, since we made the reforms, are now approaching over 70 percent fully-funded, which would allow them to return to giving themselves cost-of-living adjustments, if that’s what they choose to do. That would not have happened if not for the reforms that we made in 2011. Listen, never be fooled by that union leaders necessarily represent the points of view of their members, and that’s particularly true in New Jersey, when those guys spend more time in Trenton and in the Statehouse than most legislators. The last time that guy strapped on a gun and tried to defend somebody was quite a long time ago. If he wants to be a politician, that’s fine, he’ll be treated like a politician.”

A couple of points:

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Union Leader Endorsement

Four years ago the largest newspaper in New Hampshire endorsed a Republican for president in 2012:

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Another COLA brief and O.J.

Pro Se plaintiff Charles Ouslander filed another brief on November 13 with the New Jersey Supreme Court in the Cost-of-Living-Adjustment (COLA) case which essentially called the state’s arguments idiotic. Though he never used that word he used several similar ones (emphasis added):

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More COLA Briefs and the 411(d)(6) Questions

November 12 saw more briefs filed in Berg v. Christie by the Plaintiffs (P) and the Unions (U).

Interesting (with some nonsensical) excerpts below:

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The Triangulations of Christopher James Christie

Triangulation: (in politics) the action or process of positioning oneself in such a way as to appeal to or appease both left-wing and right-wing standpoints.

If you add the words “at different times, as required” it applies here:

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Future Forsaken by John D. McGinnis makes several salient points on the scam being pulled on taxpayers (and eventually public employees) in Pennsylvania (and eventually everyplace) by public pension systems perverted by the political and actuarial establishment.  Amazingly, it was written by a politician.

Notable excerpts:

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No Pension Panel For the Present

The New Jersey League of Municipalities convention this week featured panels discussing the pension crisis in New  Jersey from the perspective of past governors who in turns either initiated, exacerbated, or ignored the plan collapse:

nj past

and wannabe governors who have no clue on how to handle it:

nj future

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