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I am reading Dollarocracy by John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney about “How the MONEY and MEDIA ELECTION COMPLEX Is DESTROYING AMERICA” and was considering writing a rebuttal piece titled ‘Dumbocracy’ since money and media people should not be able to manipulate the intelligent and informed.  But then I watched one of the most biting social satires ever committed to celluloid from an unexpected source: Don Knotts and the cast of McHale’s Navy.

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Who says there’s a democratic machine in Union County?

Union County prosecutor Robert J. Vanderstreet in his arguments in the Renna case today tried to paint Tina Renna as politically partisan (and thus presumably not capable of being a journalist as silly that sounds in our Fox/MSNBC/Drudge/Air America mileu) by pointing to her:

“dislike of the democratic machine here in Union County.”

An exact quote that the people in that courtroom (other than me) didn’t squirm at.  Some didn’t even remember him saying it, such was there tacit acceptance of the proposition. Where was the ‘alleged’ or the ‘supposed’ or the ‘what some people call’ in the prosecutor’s remark?  Nowhere to be found in his prepared statement.

Yes there is a machine and everyone recognizes it, especially the cogs.  The next question: where is the outrage?  Where is your outrage?

As to the rest of the case nothing was settled today except a plenary hearing was scheduled for Thursday, February 28 where presumably the same half-dozen people from the Prosecutor’s office with their deep pockets and unlimited resources will mill around seeing if the UCWA still has the grit, determination, and money to fight the machine.

Josh Rauh Rantings

Much more to follow especially after this afternoon’s four-hour seminar on Public Pensions but, for now, here’s a tidbit from this morning’s workshop on Public Employee Retirement Systems.

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