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Union County Freeholders’ Most Boneheaded Move

Commenters on today’s Star Ledger story about the overruns building the Galloping Hill Banquet Center seem to think it is. But there’s some stiff competition.



Use comments here to post reasons for your vote.


For the record on June 9, 2011 it was resolved to pay Claremont Construction Group, Inc. $14,878,776 to build a clubhouse and learning center at the Galloping Hill Golf Course. On Thursday they upped that cost by $750,000. So far from the check registry:
8/24/11: $117,600
9/14/11: $10,000
9/21/11: $220,634
10/19/11: $15,542
10/19/11: $393,531
11/30/11: $356,469
11/30/11: $447,992
12/21/11: $479,620
1/25/12: $843,291
2/29/12: $686,165
3/21/12: $1,114,899
4/18/12: $937,137
5/24/12: $235,679
5/24/12: $265,895
6/20/12: $8,000
6/27/12: $1,217,016
7/25/12: $839,805
8/29/12: $878,427
10/3/12: $844,069
11/14/12: $927,387
11/20/12: $860,743

TOTAL CLAREMONT: $11,699,901 .
Plus KemperSports for Construction Management:
3/23/11: $142,788
5/4/11: $40,062
6/22/11: $45,868
6/22/11 $3,214
6/22/11 $6,912
6/22/11: $25,876
6/22/11: $108,166
7/27/11: $27,342
7/27/11: $26,724
7/27/11: $5,209
8/31/11: $37,109
9/21/11: $20,000
10/5/11: $65,548
10/5/11: $19,318
10/12/11: $36,367
11/9/11: $26,827
11/22/11: $79,343
11/30/11: $34,007
2/15/12: $35,639
2/22/12: $28,265
2/22/12: $41,172
4/5/12: $39,235
6/13/12: $27,028
8/29/12: $174,520
10/3/12: $30,572
10/17/12: $25,480
10/17/12: $42,409
10/17/12: $66,874
11/14/12: $50,015

TOTAL KEMPER: $1,278,409

New Jersey Localities Falling Through the GAAP

One major difference between Harrisburg, Pa and Union County, NJ is that Harrisburg and the Authority running their incinerator follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  Union County, and most other New Jersey local governing bodies, do not as I learned from Richard Raphael, Executive Managing Director, Fitch Ratings Agency at the Hall Institute’s Forum on the Public Pension Crisis.


This would have been the guy who gave Union County an AAA bond rating admitting that the finances he was studying were ‘very non-transparent’*.  I asked about that.

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Has NJ Solved their benefit problems? Unanswered questions

I attended most of the program today at Rutgers-Newark that was billed as answering questions as to whether “New Jersey has solved the Pension & Retirement Health Benefit Problem” and “What was actually accomplished & what is facing other governments”.

For me those questions were not answered which is odd because the answer to one of them would have been one simple two-letter word.  However, two questions did occur to me during the course of the program, one of which I actually voiced.

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Chris Christie on New Jersey’s most corrupt counties

A man who knows corruption responds to an audience question:

Profiting off Prisoners

Today’s New York Times has a story about  how one company, an affiliate of Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) whose executives have close political ties to Gov. Chris Christie and Essex County executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo Jr., was the sole bidder on a contract to run a 450-bed immigration detention center in Essex County likely to be worth $8 million to $10 million annually.

As it happens CEC, which runs a rehabilitation center called Delaney Hall, has a history in Union County and yesterday they were also granted a contract there worth up $2.5 million.  Here is the story in timeline and video form:

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The Politics behind one NJ budget cut

Among the cuts Governor Christie made in the newly adopted state budget was $3 million from “Union County Inmate Rehabilitation services” (listed here under Department of Corrections). Apparently the original budget allocated a $2.5 million increase from last year, the legislature bumped it up to $5.5 million, and Christie wouldn’t go for it. After you get past the bromides there is a real lesson in politics behind this cut and I still have more to learn.

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