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No Scandal in New Jersey

Charlie Baker is running for governor of Massachusetts.  On May 17, 2011 he donated $10,000 to the NJ Republican State Committee listing his employer as General Catalyst Partners.  As of June 30, 2012 the assets of the New Jersey pension funds included for the first time an investment in GENERAL CATALYST GROUP VI LP valued at $366,322.  The value of this investment as of June 30, 2013 was $3,988,185.  This is viewed by the people at as a scandal:

It is not a scandal by New Jersey standards and an excerpt from the video above hits upon exactly why that is:

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How Government Really Works*

If you want to make money off of taxpayers you need to get the most pliable ciphers into decision-making positions so you can consult to them for your benefit.  One way:

  1. Donate to candidates likely to be elected who can be easily manipulated (or at least won’t ask questions)
  2. Sell them on a scheme that supposedly will benefit taxpayers but, regardless of whether it does or not, will be lucrative for you
  3. Let the chips fall where they may but make sure you get your money up front
  4. When the crash comes – deflect, deny, or distract as appropriate

As an example:

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Crashing the Cocoon

It was supposed to be a ring-kissing ceremony as Union County political boss Charlotte DeFilippo was going to resign her public sinecure this afternoon at 3 pm in an ’emergency meeting’ of the Union County Improvement Authority.  Though she had been recently called an overpaid political hack after her terms of employment became public knowledge, this gathering was going to be a celebration as the people she handpicked for either public office or public employment (resulting in million-dollar pensions and lifetime health benefits for some of them) would gather to pay fealty.

However, at 2:20 pm I was tipped off and  was able to crash the party with my camera.

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What’s the harm in not funding public pensions?

They can be reneged on when the ‘trust’ funds run dry can’t they?

Of course but, in the meantime, because governments at all levels have been given a pass on making what is laughably referred to as their “Annual Required Contributions” tax money remains available to repay campaign donors if you can come up with any old harebrained scheme.  For example:

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So how much will the Galloping Hill upgrades wind up costing?

Galloping Hill golf course upgrades are supposed to be costing $17 million, “which includes the construction of the the TaylorMade Performance Lab, the new driving range and the Clubhouse” according to a 9/27/11 Union County press release

It was reported that unexpected costs will boost the price tag.  Where do you think it will go?  Here are some clues:

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New Jersey Defines Corruption

According to a recent study New Jersey has the lowest risk of corruption of any state in the the union.  That’s primarily because of our Open Public Records and Meetings laws which allow all access to view the corruption which has been legalized through the indifference of taxpayers and the complicity of compromised politicians. For example, this is what goes on in New Jersey and, as far as I can tell, is perfectly legal:

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The last cut

ARCs get be blown off.  Employees get furloughed or laid off. Libraries get closed.  But, still untouched……..

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Harrisburg on the Rahway

Harrisburg, PA declared bankruptcy yesterday primarily because of debt they can’t pay on an ill-considered incinerator deal, including $120 million owed to Covanta Holdings Corporation which is suing.

You may wonder how a government can get itself into such a mess.  Who was advising them?  Were the government officials responsible for making these decisions incompetent or bought off?  Can this happen anywhere – like maybe Union County?

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Who represents taxpayers?

Public service in New Jersey, outside of maybe the very-small-town level, has come to mean taking orders from the elected officials who appoint you who themselves take orders from the party honchos who give them the party line  who themselves take orders from public employee groups and private interests who give them the money to run their campaigns.

What we wind up with are  show-hearings that carry out the will of that last group.  A perfect example took place last night where I asked a facetious question to make my point:

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