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Win or Lose, Lawyers Get Theirs

The spoils system that passes for most government in New Jersey becomes transparent when consulting and legal fees are examined.

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Public Employee Unions Can’t Win This Way

“It isn’t lost on us that the one commonality in Wisconsin, San Diego and San Jose is that we were considerably outspent.  You have politicians conspiring with corporations to take away pensions from workers.” Steven Kreisberg, director of collective bargaining at the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. quoted in a New York Times article.

Mr. Kreisberg is correct (except for one word*) but the generous pension and retiree health benefits that unions have historically won for their members through political influence are now obviously unaffordable** and cannot be sustained by buying more political favors and deluding more voters.  There is a better way – maybe the only way – and it involves a radical change of course.

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What Public Budgets Must Pay For

Local government budget season is upon us and again the Union County Watchdog Association expects to review the county budget in detail for 2012. 

To run a jail and a nursing home, take care of the parks, fund the Prosecutors Office, provide social services, keep track of land records, and run elections they will need about $400 million.  The other $100 million will go to repay campaign contributors.

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Greener Green for Politicians

The stereotype of a New Jersey Democratic politician is a pro-union tree-hugger.  So why would most of them in Union County support a company that is cited for air pollution and considered anti-union?

Greener pastures.

Covanta Energy Corp. has a Political Action Committee that spreads a lot of green to mostly Democratic politicians to do their bidding.  What Covanta bids these days is to reduce their lease payments on the Rahway facility to make up for lost profits so they trot out their minions to gull the public.

Why are profits being lost?  Originally I thought it had to do with lawsuit money from the Bergen County Utilities Authority running out or a decline in tonnage coming in.  But in reviewing disclosure statements on a UCUA bond offering a more compelling reason emerges.

However I’m little pressed for time now so I’ll let you figure it out.  Here are the statements for 2009 and 2010.  What do you notice?*




* Hint – Statement of Operations – 3