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Why Public Employee Unions Love Collective Bargaining

They own the table.

Perhaps it’s more obvious in Union County with less citizen oversight and solid one-party rule but here the governing body openly roots for greater benefits for their staff (even when they’re not family members).  For example, in February of this year Union County fully subsidized retiree health insurance for future non-union retirees (they had been 41% subsidized) with the rationale that those employees had forgone raises for a couple of years.  They gladly accepted an actuarial study showing a correlation between providing this $102 million benefit and the forgone raises.  This is the county’s negotiator:

On page 8 of the study Mr. Salemme refers to there is a spreadsheet showing savings for one year’s worth of salary increase forgone.  The second column starts with the number $968,375.45 (even extending to the penny for the appearance of exactness) which represents 3% of the average salaries of the 541 employees impacted.  The rest of the column simply multiplies that first number by 1.03 finally getting to $2,027,563.14 in year 25.  The third column accumulates the numbers to arrive at a ‘savings’ of $52,716,641.74 which is being touted as the total savings over 25 years of forgoing that 3% raise in 2011.  Total bullshit.

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