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Coronavirus Prevention

There will be two parts to this blog. First, excerpts form a book Costco got in on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic based on what was known on February 27, 2020 that you might find useful. Second, a rant on how New Jersey has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic based on what is known today that […]

NJ Pension Contribution Not There Yet

At today’s coronavirus press conference New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was asked the pension question: . . His response and my take:

Standing on Principle

James J. Florio’s autobiography touches upon what is important to the 49th governor of New Jersey making it easy to read (and skip) chapters. Here are the parts of interest to me:

NJ Pension Payback Bill (2)

According to on Thursday: A5322/S3620- The Assembly will vote on a bill that would allow former Camden Mayor Dana Redd—as well as some other elected officials—to re-enter the public pension system she left in 2010 when she left the Camden city council in order to become mayor. The bill has been controversial, partly because New […]

Dopey and Sleepy on Tax Policy

. And that’s how tax policy is formed in New Jersey – under deadline based on dodgy numbers with no time (or inclination) for even the slightest review which, in this case, would show:

Protecting Your Pork

John Galandak, president of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, had an op-ed in the Star-Ledger today arguing against a constitutional amendment requiring the state to make some predefined (and malleable) level of pension contributions arguing that: By shedding a critical component of the budget decision-making process the legislature would be abrogating its […]

More Questions After the Burgos Decision

According to the state Supreme Court, New Jersey now needs to make pension contributions based on how much it can afford which means those mini-payments that a corrupted political/actuarial cabal comes out with can be completely ignored….and they will be.  So where do we go from here? Here are the four big questions with my […]

California v. NJ; Brown v. Christie

Seeing these two in any athletic contest would not be nearly as dispiriting as comparing their pension reforms:

Who To Sue Now

Who knew there was an Eleventh Amendment that applied to suing a state in federal court?  Not me and apparently not the lawyers for New Jersey public workers as their lawsuit seeking to overturn last year’s pension reforms got tossed out yesterday by US District Court judge Anne Thompson, the same judge who, seventeen years […]

The deal on N.J. public workers’ pensions

After much hand-wringing and backroom dealing the long-awaited reform of the New Jersey pension system was leaked today.   On the benefits side, cost-of-living adjustments would be eliminated and new-hires would again have benefits reduced slightly.  On the revenue side, public workers would be be putting in about $250 million more a year and the state […]