How Much Should NJ Be Putting Into Its Pension System?

Steve Malanga had this answer:

He is wrong.

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NJ Pensions on NJTV

Republican Assemblyman Jon Bramnick brought up Governor Murphy’s hypocrisy in raising the interest rate for funding the state retirement system and Steve Malanga of the Manhattan Institute got some airtime to enthusiastically discuss the debacle that is that system and his recent report chronicling it.

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Pension-Please Help?

Good morning gentle reader.

I had intended this Friday to be a very productive day with many goals to meet.  I read some older posts on older sites and find my motivation is thin this morning.

I am trained as an economist.  We are taught to move decimals when there is a crisis-reduce benefits and the like.  But I am also a man.  From the very foundations of, take your pick, our nation, or our world, is the notion of the value of man in his existence not societal contribution.

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It is barely 7:30 am.  I have been feeling proud of myself and my accomplishments.  Then I received two calls in rapid succession, calls from retired southerners.  People crying because even with two social security pensions combined, they cannot survive.

What a humbling and needed call.  This is exactly the kind of comment and motivation I need to stay focused and on track.

I have a goal of test funding by June, followed by an audit of the funds by September.  We can have a validated pension solution before the next national election.

Now you know my goals.

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NJ Politics Insider Coverage

You do not become the state in the worst fiscal condition in the nation by accident. You need to have an active political class interested solely in enriching themselves at the expense of the general public where real problems fester since the only solutions that see the light of day are those that do not infringe in any manner on the welfare of these puppet masters and their acolytes.

Ever since I have been following government in this state the workings of this shadow group have been covered up by media outlets but recently two websites starting reporting on them. David Wildstein has returned to his first love with newjerseyglobe and Max Pizzaro founded insidernj which covers issues if one party pushes it as a talking point – which the Republicans here decided to do with the the Murphy/Muoio interest rate hike:

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Breaking News: Local 805 Refiles

Local 805 Pension Fund of New York, NY withdrew their application for benefit suspensions last September reserving the right to refile. Today on the MPRA website their reapplication popped up.

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Pension-A Heritage?

Good morning gentle reader. Apologies for the delay since my last post.  Events continue to move at an accelerated pace.   I was asked to review a recent paper; ““Protecting” Private Union Pensions with Bottomless Bailouts Is a Recipe for Disaster”, Rachel Greszler, Research Fellow in Economics, Budget and Entitlements, The Heritage Foundation, December 4, 2017.  I encourage all to read this.

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