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Job Number One

The Sunlight Policy Center released another report yesterday blasting the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), this time for their complicity in the bankruptcy of the retirement system that included a helpful history though I disagreed on a couple of points.

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NJEA Law Makers

Last week, the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey issued a report that uncovered that the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) has been secretly funneling millions of dollars into a dark money group supporting Governor Murphy.  Yesterday they followed up with a report entitled, “NJEA: The Taxpayer-Funded Special Interest,” that lays out how the NJEA has funded itself.

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NJEA Denier

Multi-millionaire union boss Ed Richardson appears on the NJEA’s broadcast partner this weekend to deny that there is any public pension crisis in New Jersey:

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Sunlight on NJEA Flunky

Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey released their first report yesterday – “NJEA: New Jersey’s Political Machine“.  Excerpts below:

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CWA Bashes Sweeney’s Path

According to njspotlight:

Top officials from the largest union for state workers took aim yesterday at a series of fiscal-policy proposals that Senate President Steve Sweeney has been pitching in town-hall events throughout the state, arguing they won’t effectively address New Jersey’s biggest budget challenges.

In a lengthy briefing held with reporters in Trenton, officials from the Communications Workers of America dissected several proposals related to public-worker pensions and health benefits that Sweeney (D-Gloucester) has made the focus of the public forums he’s been leading for the last several months.

Here is where they are right, half-right, and just guessing:

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Sweeney Running NJ Blind

Senate President Steve Sweeney held a town hall meeting yesterday and what I got out of it was that he:

  1. believes he is running the state, and
  2. is not getting the proper information to fix it.

Some video examples:

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Teaching Students How to Scout Out Truthful News Sources

Yes there is a youtube with that title published on February 4, 2019 with this explanatory blurb:

Steve Adubato goes on-location to the 2018 NJEA Convention to talk to Steve Beatty, Secretary-Treasurer, New Jersey Education Association, about Chapter 78, the public employee pension fund and the importance of teaching kids how to identify truthful news sources.

The referenced youtube is below but, first, a quick clip providing some context on those “truthful news sources”.

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