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Municipal Budgets 2021 (4) Pension Contributions

Over at countywatchers I have a series comparing 2021 budget items for the municipalities in Union County and part 4 relates to this blog so here it is.

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STFU and Pay Your Taxes

The 2021 Union County Budget was passed unanimously today with only two members of the public piping up and, for any of you out there who feel yourself overtaxed and might want some answers of your own, here is a taste of what you can expect:

More from this meeting later as we look at detail and admissions (yes, the county is paying millions for those solar panels that were supposed to be free) but we start with the two questioners:

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NJ Localities Meeting Pension Obligations

The party line:

The state has certainly done their fair share of shirking but what about local governments?

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Rising Union County Pension Payments – Detail

Local Employer Pension Contributions for the year ending Jun 30, 2021 (payable in early 2021) were posted on the state website and a comparison to FY20 costs showed total contribution increases for Union County and municipalities in the county going up by over $15 million, 10% on average, but the hikes were not evenly distributed. Here is a listing of payments to PERS or PFRS sorted by percentage increases.

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Friday Miscellany

Just some unrelated items worth noting.

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Real Scandals of Pension Spiking – 2

It’s not that a connected politician will get an extra $1 million in pension benefits for working five years in his new job as county counsel for Union County but that Union County will only have to pay $122,500 to ‘fund’ that extra benefit.  Here are the details:

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Bubble Boy Town Hall (4): Petty Thieves

Even with one-party control in Union County and the belief among those politicians that “there’s enough for everybody” we still get conflict – sometimes petty.

One such conflict played out last Monday when two combatants were seated near each other at Bubble Boy Murphy’s Town Hall meeting in Union – until Senator Nick Scutari remembered he had to go campaign:

Yesterday, according to David Wildstein:

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Tax Incentives for Campaign Contributions

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy will be holding a Town Hall meeting a couple of hours from now a few blocks from where I am writing this and I hope to attend. If allowed I would ask about what plans, if any, he has for when the Judicial Retirement System here runs out of money (on paper) in 2021 but I suspect the planted questions will focus instead on tax incentives, as announced today in an op-ed on by one of the authors:

To fill the void left when our tax incentives ended and to announce to the world that New Jersey is open for business, Senate President Steve Sweeney tasked Senator Kyrollis, a Republican, and me, a Democrat, to produce what Governor Murphy has asked for — “robust tax incentives for New Jersey.”

Our draft legislation will produce the most robust tax incentives in America.

Not really but it should produce more robust campaign donations from those seeking these tax incentives despite the claim that the bill would “add strict oversight and compliance requirements to catch any business attempting to game the system for tax incentives.”

Here are the mentions of oversight in the draft bill:

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No Debating Corrupt System

It is billed as a debate tomorrow among Democrat freeholder candidates in the primary next week but the rules make it a ‘must-miss’ for anyone but the plants and political operatives who will be stuffing the question box. Among their rules:

  • The forum will be video recorded and the media are invited to attend. Only credentialed media are allowed to record the event.
  • Each candidate will have 2 minutes for opening remarks to introduce themselves. The moderator will then ask a question from the audience. So that we can address as many questions as possible in the time available, each candidate will have 1 minute to answer each question. If time permits, candidates will also have 2 minutes for a closing statement.
  • All questions are screened by a neutral committee to ensure that questions are applicable to all candidates, are not personal in nature, and are addressed to subjects relevant to this forum.

There will be a Plainfield debate immediately after and if all 9 freeholder candidates show up a best case scenario is that there will be six questions. Almost certainly nothing on the theft of Open Space tax money or the Solar Panel fiasco but, if Armstead can sneak it in, maybe something on this.

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Seeing the Light – At a Steep Cost (To Taxpayers)

Back in 2010 when the DeCotiis law firm suckered the Union County freeholder board into bonding to put up solar panels at what was supposed to be no cost then-freeholder Daniel Sullivan was more than eager to reward his political patrons by signing taxpayers up for this boondoggle:

Today he admitted as much to Bloomberg:
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