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Pensions-Ms. BK

Good morning:

With my last post, Ms. BK responded with her AT&T problems.  Thank you for that.  I would like to take a moment and speak to you.

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Regulation Removing Regulations (Part 1)

To that end we got Executive Orders 13777 (2/24/17) and 13789 (4/21/17) and this morning the IRS released a proposed regulation to remove 298 obsolete and non-applicable regulations.

There are six pages that apply to pensions and, in that way regulators seem to have of masking what they are doing, there is some work to be done to figure out what would change. We will get to that in the second part of this series but if any of you see anything that stands out, please comment.

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I am upset.  I am apolitical and glad that comments tend to respect this.  But there are far too many comments off topic.  Please do not waste my time or yours.

If you like my work, please comment or call and let me know.  The same if you dislike and disapprove.  I welcome suggestions and observations, please keep them coming.  I need intelligent input.

Gentle reader, if you need more that 30-50 words, don’t.  Get your own blog.  I do not want to see back and forth conversations.  Get numbers, call, and get off my post!

I will not tolerate angry, hating cyberbullies.  I will likewise not tolerate off topic gyrations.  I am about to begin exploring my options including limiting comments or commenters.

Gentle reader, a sense of perspective please.  We are going into an election year and Congress is up for grabs.  As Americans we possess a birthright of incalculable value.  We do not need a revolution in America as we are legally entitled to a revolution every two years.  I will never tell another how to vote or which party or candidate to support.  I will curse and swear at a man saying I can but do not vote as it does not matter.  Your vote matters!  Never believe otherwise!  The most powerful tool ever conceived is your inheritance, bought and defended with American blood.

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Pensions-Time To Up The Ante!


Are you comfortable with the status of your state?

Looking back on your voting choices, do you have content or contempt?

Do you feel you have voted “as told”, or intelligently?

How would you reconcile a voting history of supporting a party and contempt of the current status?

I am apolitical and not interested in your voting.  But we are in an election year and your vote is important.  Will you vote for the status quo, as you have done?  Will you challenge all your beliefs, and make a difference?

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Pensions-Public vs. Private, Mortal Enemies?

A commenter, MJ, has some thoughts that led to this posting.  Thank you MJ for your comments.

I am an economist and Monetary Theorist.  I am approaching the pension crisis from a different perspective.  I am still researching various types of pensions and therefore do not yet render an opinion.  One item that drives me nuts is commenters banging the table and screaming that all public pensions are crimes and X-style pension is robbery so we must move to Y-style immediately!

Let’s slow this runaway train.  Remember, all types and styles are similarly underfunded.  My analogy is telling a man treading water;” You are safe!  Swim to any sinking ship for rescue!”

Not much of an improvement.

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Pensions-Pensions and loans? Not Quite Ready for Prime Time (part duex)?

In my last post, I had a typo.  I referenced Mr. Sherrod Brown as a Representative from Ohio.  Mr. Brown is a Senator.  My apologies to Senator Brown and his staff.

Thank you for your corrections.

This post will be a sort of part two addition to yesterday.

Gentle reader, are you scared about your pension?  If so, your greatest enemy is ignorance.  When I watched the IL conference yesterday state Representatives are working on solutions and I was impressed by the earnestness.  But the single largest key was not discussed, interest rates.  What are these, how do they work, and why should I be concerned?

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Pensions-Pensions and loans? Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Good morning gentle reader:

I hope this post finds you all doing well.

Yesterday I was allowed to view Illinois State Pension discussions.  The topic at has was alternatives for new financing.

Thank you to the host, Representative Martwick and his.  Representative Martwick mentioned several times his reason for calling the meeting was to listen to actuarial input related to a proposed $130B or so bond sale.  He mentioned several times this was only the first meeting of several and it was his intention to support consideration from various disciplines and alternative solutions.  He sounded to me as a man earnestly looking for viable solutions.

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