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Blog Hiatus

Unless something major happens in the pension world I do not expect to be posting here for the rest of this month. Nothing to worry about beyond slight burnout and looking to refocus on what matters most. For example:

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Stay in white-trash Kenilworth!!

Hectic tax time and with Central States taking their time applying for a bailout and New Jersey taking their time posting the GASB 75 report for the SHBP State Retired Fund, I was facing a few dark blogging days until today’s mail brought relief.

Here is what I got with my responses below.

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The pension administration profession has recently taken to offering core seminars for Continuing Education credits on topics like ethics, ESG. and DEI. For example at the last ASPPA conference this past October General Session 3 was:

CE: ASPPA Ethics

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not what it was 10, even 5 years ago. The discussion and expectations businesses, employees, and the public have in this day and age morphed from ambiguous statements about support for diversity that didn’t require action years ago to today’s unavoidable demands for change and a vast cancel culture that carries heavy consequences. Learn what DEI means today and how to navigate in the workplace going forward more informed and equipped to contribute in a positive way. Cheslie Kryst is an Emmy Award-nominated correspondent for a nationally broadcast entertainment news show, where she began working following her term as Miss USA 2019. She previously practiced law as a civil litigation attorney and has worked, advised, and spoken on DEI and related topics for years.

Yes the issue is socially important but doesn’t our group have bigger problems to address? Apparently the speaker did.

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Pension Consulting Firm For Sale (or Merger)

The blurb was on the ASPPA message board for a few minutes but apparently there is some rule against this sort of solicitation so it was dumped. Still on benefitslink and, since I own this part of the internet, I thought I would try it here.

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Rate Reductions and Premium Contribution “Holiday” in NJ

Yesterday the “New Jersey Department of the Treasury announced sizable rate reductions and a premium contribution ‘holiday’ for eligible employers and members of the School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) for Plan Year 2022.”

Here are excerpts from further details along with some wisdom from Kenny G.

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ASPPA 2021 Conference: Day 3

Happily no politically correct sessions for ethics credits and good refreshers on pertinent topics:

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ASPPA 2021 Conference: Day 2

Grinding through for those CE credits.

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ASPPA 2021 Conference: Day 1

The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) is holding their annual conference in Maryland through Tuesday and I paid the $450 to see some of the sessions on this computer.

Here is what I got out of today by session:

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KBudget(5): Soft Costs Hit Hard

$79,230.50 was Paid or Charged for Engineering Services and Costs for 2020. However, billing records show that the borough engineer, Harbor Consultants, invoiced $297,700 in 2020 (see below). Where would that extra money be coming from?

About those soft costs:

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Inside Comedy

The book is David Steinberg’s tribute to comedy legends (a category he includes himself in) that he has known with some biographical data and what appear to be written excerpts from the TV show of the same name. Quick familiar read with a few surprises.

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