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Public Employee Salary/Benefits Growth

Andrew G. Biggs of AEI released a paper examining the last 20 years and here is what I took from it:

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More of the United Federation of Musicians Purple Haze

Good morning gentle reader. Mr. Bury published “Musician Pensions on Brink of Being Slashed”. As I looked at this pension I responded to his post.  Thank you to all of the replies to my writings-comments and emails.  I am continuing to study your pension.

It is my belief your pension has one of the highest investment income portfolios, greater than your actuarial assumed rate of return.  Why are you destitute?  And make no mistake, you will be.

Music is the king of the humanities, the crown jewel of the liberal arts.  Your craft is the center of my life.  It is not fitting you musicians retire to skid row.  Let’s figure this out in 300 words.

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Path to Egress Town Hall in Union County

Tonight’s town hall in Union County on reform of, among many other things, public pensions provided several vivid examples of why anyone who can leave New Jersey will:

  • Scattershot format with nobody even mildly informed on the real situation,
  • An audience of mostly public union employees who thankfully overwhelmed the 30 politicoes looking for photo-ops and applause (which they mostly got from each other), and
  • Legitimate frustration on all sides with no answers beyond that ‘actuaries are working on it.”

Here is the full video with the times I deemed something notable was said (or shouted out) below:

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NJ Scofflaws Walk – Almost

According to njspotlight, the New Jersey Supreme Court has dismissed 787,764 outstanding municipal cases and warrants for minor offenses that have been pending for more than 16 years, implementing a key recommendation of last July’s critical report on the municipal court system.

Though they are not entirely free and clear. One of the penalties for lawbreaking is public exposure. There will be no monetary penalties but the state Administrative Office of the Courts did create a searchable database that names names – and crimes.

I first searched my name and immediate family members and nothing came up. So on to familiar names though keep it mind that this is a large population so the name could be for a different person. With that:

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Juror Diary (3) – Freedom

As quoted in The Chapo Guide to Revolution (page 48)

About sums up my feelings on jury selection rules after my near miss today.

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Juror Diary (2) – Justice Delayed

Prisoners get access to an exercise yard. We don’t.

We started with 60 of us to be interviewed plus thirteen already seated in the jury box. The first one of us passed the whisper-interview and at 9:30 this morning took the fourteenth seat.

Done. We are out of here. I might not even get to The Chapo Guide To Revolution.

How wrong I was.

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Juror Diary

I am sitting in a Union County courthouse doing the civic duty of waiting along with about 100 other jurors watching one of us chatting with a judge and three lawyers.

Much of this could have been done online, as with our electoral system, if it were not for so many government jobs dependent on this inefficiency masquerading as fairness.

In any case I do see improvements in herding methods.

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