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Trump Rage

This was supposed to be a blog about how the Trump presidency will handle the pension crisis in this country but after much googling I found nothing out there…..which is what voters should really be mad about.

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Clinton-GRAP: The Flaws

With Hillary Clinton losing the Guaranteed Retirement Account Proposal (GRAP) likely went down with her.

Here is why that’s a good thing…

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Clinton-GRAP: The Proposal

Not as catchy as Obama-Care but when the Clinton people, specifically Teresa Ghilarducci, remake the retirement system in this county it will be based on the Guaranteed Retirement Account Proposal which has had a number if incarnations over the years:

The most recent version which could become reality next year has these primary features (as excerpted):

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Breaking News: Bridgegate Verdict

Guilty on all counts:

Baroni and Kelly were charged on nine counts, and faced five of them together. The other four charges were split evenly, two each for the defendants.

Baroni stared at the jury stoically as the verdicts were read.

Kelly cried and continued to sob as she heard the word guilty repeated time and again. Neither defendant stood as the verdicts were read.

Fall guys for a corrupt Christie administration but they took the job so this was always a possibility.

More Clinton On Defined Benefit Plans

Whatever your opinion of wikileaks you have to give them credit for the way they present the material they pilfer.

Using their search feature brought out another insight into how our next president* will handle the pension crisis that directly impacts millions of people already while most everyone else ignores it.

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Clinton on Defined Benefit Plans

  • I’ll also work with you to advance a broad strategy on retirement security – one that protects defined benefit plans and defends Social Security and ensures that every worker can retire with dignity. We owe it to our seniors and to future generations of retirees.

Hillary Rodham Clinton remarks at AFSCME – June 8, 2015

So what does this leaked agenda item portend for defined benefit plans?

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My One Informed Vote

Eric summed it up:

The only politician seemingly supporting retirees was Bernie Sanders, who got flattened by the Clinton corruption machine, which was in part, sponsored by the DNC.
Clinton belongs in prison; Trump belongs in the nut house.

This comment hit home when I got my election ballot and found there was only one vote that I could honestly cast as an informed citizen.

I know nothing about what Clinton or Trump will do for me in any significant way or what they stand for aside from whatever will work to get them the most votes.  The process we have of educating the public on presidential candidates is based on pundits, ignorant of important issues, trying to predict how voters, ignorant of important issues, will vote with no ingress for anything bordering on intelligent discourse.

Local candidates are just names on signs which means that I can expect them to be lackeys-first for the people who paid for those signs.

I also have no idea of what allowing casinos 72 miles from Atlantic City or using gas taxes to pay for roads will do for me or the state. I can only hope it makes it harder to embezzle tax money but I doubt it or else why would it be on the ballot? Then we get to Public Question #3 which should read:

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