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NJ Constitutional Amendment To Undermine Murphy Some More

If you think Putin pulls Trump’s strings, we have something similar playing out in New Jersey where a politically seasoned Senate President is in the process of neutering a tyro governor.

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NJ Shutdown Watch Closer

It looks like it’s going to happen. Some bad (or good depending how you are rooting) signs from other sources:

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NJ Shutdown Watch

Democrats here may be going to the mattresses but at least the rest of us will still be able to go to the beach.

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NJ Policy Group (3) Merging Municipalities

The Economic and Fiscal Policy Working Group in a draft document included this as a recommendation under the ‘County & Municipal Government Reform / Shared Services’ category:

9. Require municipalities with less than 5,000 to merge with adjacent municipalities over a five-year period as dictated by LUARCC or the Department of Community Affairs.

A reasonable suggestion in a perfect world but in the miasma that is New Jersey political bossism – DOA. Rodney Dangerfield explains:

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We Are the Ones Paying for Union Endorsements

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO announced their 2018 endorsements for political office this week and the headline news was that there was a Republican among them. But for me it was one of 19 Democrats endorsed who sparked an interest. Linda Carter in District 22 was a Union County freeholder back on December 17, 2015 when she listened to this pitch:

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First Shot at NJ Budget

Just last March this was the plan:

“Everybody has a plan until they get hit. Then, like a rat, they stop in fear and freeze.’ ”                Mike Tyson

That first hit was the Democratic legislature in New Jersey not going along with tax hikes leaving Murphy to take his first shot.

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Politics in New Jersey

Open Borrowing got me back to checking out books from the Morris County Library for the first time since my wallet was stolen at the Montclair YMCA about twenty years ago and the card I had been using, possibly illegally, for years without renewing was lost forever. Excerpts from that first checkout which, based on my experience, remain relevant:

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