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Decommissioning Fiscal Review

Last week S3770 passed both house of the legislature with veto-proof majorities but our governor had his own plan.

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Sad State of New Jersey

In a state with the highest taxes and largest debt load where the barrier to entry for politicians is their susceptibility to graft we are supposed to be happy because felons can vote, undocumented immigrants can drive, and our governor can say absolutely nothing of importance to the vast majority publicly.

For example, at today’s state of the State speech:

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S3770 Passes Both Houses

This bill establishes a 12-member “New Jersey Economic and Fiscal Policy Review Commission” in the Legislative Branch of State government. This legislation implements a proposal in the New Jersey Economic & Fiscal Policy Workgroup’s “Path to Progress” report, issued August 9, 2018. The commission is charged with studying significant economic and fiscal concerns confronting the State to assure that policymakers, academics, and the public are provided with information and analyses of the State’s policies and their implications, ultimately improving the decision-making capabilities of State and local government officials, business leaders, and concerned members of the general public.

One question:

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Heyday of NJEA

The heyday of Arthur Sackler was a period of crossover in the methods used for the marketing of prescription drugs and the marketing of the drug delivery system known as the cigarette. Sackler’s counterpart in the tobacco industry, and fellow master of manipulation, was John Hill of the public relations giant Hill & Knowlton. Sackler and Hill shared authorship of such techniques as third-party advocacy, subliminal message reinforcement, junk science, phony front groups, advocacy advertising, and using advertising dollars to buy favorable “news” to report. (pages 154-5)

More from “Code Blue” later but around the time I was reading this I came across an interview a media millionaire did with a public-union millionaire. Below are some video excerpts.

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Who Is Getting the NJEA Money?

The Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey released a report “naming names and providing the state with a first-of-its-kind Who’s Who of the organizations that make up the NJEA’s vast and interconnected network of political allies.” This is exactly the type of investigative journalism that our fourth estate should be providing us for all the taxpayer subsidies they wheedle from those they are supposed to report on.

Excerpts below:

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Imagining More of the Same

A year from now she may be president.

But tonight (per page 130 of this book) she is just another pandering hypocrite:

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BAD DEAL for New Jersey drivers and homeowners (2)

This ad has been appearing on some of the local news websites I visit and it seems that every insurance company in the state has been sending letters warning against a piece of legislation that “will only serve special interests” (not theirs) urging:

Please call you local legislators and let them know that this legislation (S-2144 & A-3850/A-4293) is a BAD DEAL for New Jersey drivers and homeowners.

So you would think the New Jersey Senate president would be up on this bill. Not exactly.

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