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Cultivating Justice in the Garden State

The book drops tomorrow but David Wildstein has Chapter 3 – Settling Scores – on his blog so here is a taste.

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Getting Out the ARP Vote

Democrats on the House Committee on Education and Labor launched a web-based tool today to track pension plans receiving assistance under a federal bailout program enacted last year.

From the press release:

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Republican Rescue

I did borrow the book intending to read it through but when I got to page 2:

I don’t want a repeat of the aftermath of Herbert Hoover. Let’s be clear: Political parties have one purpose and one purpose only, and that’s to produce victories.

Moved right to skim mode and these are the only notable quotes that popped out.

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NJ May Be Fixable But Not By These Guys

After decades in politics, the last twelve as State Senate President, Steve Sweeney’s parting thought was a deep desire to fix what he had a major role in breaking:

Highest taxes, systemic corruption, massive debt. Here is what we are left with to do the fixing:

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What you would expect from the book with more cursing.

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New Jersey Gov Debate: Sodomy Over Pensions

For most of the hour of gubernatorial debate we got palaver doing more dumbing down than enlightening. Here is the one mention of pensions:

The full question was on property taxes:

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Christie Stepping In

The fact that we’re sitting here in Morris County, New Jersey, and he’s sitting in Italy should tell you a little bit how seriously the governor takes his job.
Former Governor Christie teeing off on Governor Murphy at Senator Bucco’s golf outing

The layers of hypocrisy behind that quote led me to another book about Trump’s election morass with no index but there was a chapter on Chris Christie and a mutual campaign manager, Bill Stepien, worth skimming.

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Cuomo’s Pension

Does anyone know whether Governor Andrew Cuomo is at risk of forfeiting his New York State pension?

The question was posed on benefitslink and here is how the lead author of Governmental Plans Answer Book responded:

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The Truth About COVID-19 (Book)

Who are the knuckleheads here?

This book points the finger the other way and it’s ongoing (though at least he’s not closing parks again).

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Me Asking the Governor

Gov. Phil Murphy was taking YOUR questions on News12 New Jersey this afternoon. Mine was on property taxes and political corruption. I leave it to you to decide if I got an acceptable answer.

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