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CBBS (4) RMAs Buying Work

There are 11 Registered Municipal Accountant (RMA) firms who prepared the 2021 budgets for New Jersey’s 21 counties. All donated to politicians, either directly or through their accountants, according to the NJELEC website. Here they are those accountants and what they made in political campaign contributions

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No Honor, No Pension in NJ

“Receipt of a pension was always conditioned on honorable service”

New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Jaynee LaVecchia justifying the forfeiture of a $60,713 pension to a public employee who admitted taking a $300 bribe while in public service.

The attorney for the crook deemed it a “a million dollar fine. For $300. It’s very sad,”

Two points:

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Insuring Bankruptcy

General Motors spends more on health care than steel. Kathleen Sebelius

Based on check registry data put into worksheets Kenilworth (and likely most municipalities in New Jersey) spend much more on insurance than politicians can steal.

Each of these rows has a story. Among the more interesting:

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Accountants Who Give Also Get

As a followup to the blog on New Jersey accountants donating to political campaigns here is an update of the spreadsheet with more worksheets and a chart listing donations by some of accountants with their name, number of donations made over the years, total dollar amount, and one of the municipalities where candidates got that money. Below that are links to their work.

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Accountants Who Give

The accountants for Kenilworth since 2016 have donated to the campaigns of politicians in Kenilowrth since 2015 which led me to wonder how common of a practice this is in New Jersey. Here is what I found from culling NJELEC data.

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Are there any prohibitions against (or guidelines for) municipal accountants donating to political campaigns in the municipalities they audit? Question posted to RMAA website 7/26/21 – 8:17 a.m.

I do not expect an answer. The question arose from a situation we have in Kenilworth. Though New Jersey has a Local Government Ethics Law it contains a loophole in the case of complete idiots:

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Me Asking the Governor

Gov. Phil Murphy was taking YOUR questions on News12 New Jersey this afternoon. Mine was on property taxes and political corruption. I leave it to you to decide if I got an acceptable answer.

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Building the Kenilworth Tenement? (IV) Fleecing Sheep

With COAH gone in 2015 a lot of affordable housing consultants had to find other client to scare into hiring them. Harbor Consultants found one in Kenilworth.

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Primarily Bribes

There will be a primary election this Tuesday in New Jersey where all the party-line candidates should win. The only reason to go through with this charade (aside form Hirsh Singh’s parents keeping him out of trouble by funding his vanity campaign) is for vested interests (mostly unions and corporate PACs) to present their bribes which are listed on the NJELEC webssite with downloadable data that yields these interesting tidbits:

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Bailout for Murphy Donors

In an NJTV interview with Gov. Phil Murphy on vaccine delays (no answer), federal stimulus package (begging for a bailout), pandemic’s effects on NJ (blaming Trump), and corporate tax incentives the connection was clear as to where much of any bailout money would be heading.

Full interview with more weaseling:

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