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Christie’s 49-State Strategy

How do you turn a 30% approval rating in your home state to your advantage nationally? Here is one way:

Another way is to turn being the governor of New Jersey into an advantage on the national stage. YouGov compiled a ‘State of the States’, asking Americans how they feel about each and every state.  Here are the results:

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Can’t Take Pension Cant

The problem I have with anti-tax groups is that they want lower taxes without putting in the work to understand how to get there or the consequences.  You don’t see them at freeholder meetings or poring over government budgets (making them not much different from most of the media) which often leads them to positions directly contrary to their stated interests.

For example, Erica Klemens, state director of the Americans for Prosperity—New Jersey, and Leonard Gilroy, director of government reform at Reason Foundation, had a guest column in the Star Ledger today urging adoption of proposed pension reform in New Jersey that irked me more with each paragraph:

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Valuing Christie’s Time

Chris Christie carved out some time today to visit with yet another group unlikely to formulate intelligent follow-up questions to inanities that he cloaks as insights – this time it was the New Jersey press corps after a ceremonial budget signing – where he paraded his ignorance of the time value of money and concluded with a warped syllogism that would befuddle Escher:

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Christie Still Undecided – On Some Things

On last night’s Ask the Governor program Chris Christie cleared up a few points (and muddied others):
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Twitting Nonsense

New Jersey Senate president Steve Sweeney took to twitter to argue for putting more money into the state retirement system:

Glad my bill to pre-pay $300M towards next year’s pension payment passed sen. budget committee. Paying $1 now saves $3 later

I understand that these tweeters are not to be taken seriously (except by lazy journalists) as nobody is under oath here and most tweets seem to be made under the influence of either prepubescent angst or liquor but is there no truth filter?

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PublicBlind Poll

Fairleigh Dickinson University released a poll this morning that had all sorts of ugly numbers for Chris Christie. Nothing surprising until you come to the final paragraph of the PublicMind press release:

“All of the state’s problems are fixable. At least according to voters, the money and political will are there. Unfortunately, they don’t see political leaders willing to stick their neck out and expend the political capital to fix them,” said Krista Jenkins, professor of political science and director of PublicMind.

Are these people idiots?

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Masters of the Party Game

He will spend half his life and most of his means in getting into Parliament and when at last he arrives there he will have no time to think of anything but how to get into your Majesty’s Cabinet.  When he intrigues his way to the top of that, he will be a master of the party game and of nothing else.

Everybody’s Political What’s What by Bernard Shaw

And so it is with the Democratic leadership in the New Jersey legislature which today are going to come out with their budget plan for FY2016 which is supposed to include payment of $3.1 billion (5/7th of the ARC) into the retirement system instead of the $1.3 billion that Governor Christie arbitrarily decided to make along with this reported spin:

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