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Nightmare Scenario (I)

Subtitled “Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History” this book covers the period from January 24, 2020 to October 30, 2020 laying out what you would have expected had happened to get us to where we are now.

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Me Asking the Governor

Gov. Phil Murphy was taking YOUR questions on News12 New Jersey this afternoon. Mine was on property taxes and political corruption. I leave it to you to decide if I got an acceptable answer.

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NJ Penlight On NJ Pensions

NJ Spotlight’s lead story today is a fluff piece on New Jersey politicians making a record pension payment at the beginning of the year with loads of cheery quotes and no relevant context.

What did they miss and why are they putting out propaganda for the state?

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But Wait…There’s More

The book focuses on scamming TV viewers (beyond what media outlets today do for insurance and pharmaceutical companies).

Some excerpts and related youtubes…

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Latest Record Project

Variety noted that Van Morrison’s “new release, the double album ‘Latest Record Project, Vol. 1,’ spans over two hours and consists of a series of bizarre rants and blues numbers that criticize millennial culture, Facebook, the mainstream media, psychiatrists, judges and, with no apparent irony, people who bitch.” They list what they see as the “10 craziest lyrics” from the album* all of which I saw as the sanest ‘rants’ I had come across in some time. A search for the CD was fruitless but luckily and youtube came through.

Tracks in order:

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Ironic Outrage Over Favoring ‘white suburban people’

Sebatian D’Elia is a white suburban person as well as the Union County Communications Director who has a problem with ‘white suburban people’ being favored. Excerpts from the story are here but the ironic part:

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Medical Misinformation Agenda

Yes but….

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Manufacturing Diversion

In his latest tweet Professor Noam Chomsky referenced a youtube from four years ago* where he makes some valid points on professional sports building up jingoist fanaticism, dulling people’s brains, and:

But if the idea of the media, in theory, is to disseminate information relevant to most people’s lives then I would lump stories on climate change, race, and the Trump impeachment into the category of diversions. But diversions from what? Here are three issues where media focus would benefit the general population but we are not about to get that for obvious reasons.

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Liar’s Circus

An amazon review of the book piqued my interest:

I read this book seeking to understand why so many support a leader so obviously corrupt, incompetent, and anti-American. The author befriends many avid rally goers and details a close up account of their lives, beliefs and motivations. I appreciate that he treats these supporters in a humane and understanding way. It is a fascinating deep dive into an alternative universe of conspiracy theories, grievance, racism and falsehoods, unencumbered by reason, facts, science ,or expertise. After reading it I felt enlightened and enraged and more concerned than ever about the future of the USA.

My excerpts:

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Yes, I Can Say That

While you people are digesting that PPP/Schedule C question here are excerpts from a book subtitled When They Come For the Comedians, We Are All In Trouble which I somehow expected to be a little less autobiography and a little more venom.

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