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New Jersey Budget After Christie

Incoming governor Phil Murphy started making the rounds of talk shows where he gets five minutes to give his spiel on economic growth and discuss legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

While back in the real world:

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The Truth Matters

A Citizen’s Guide to Separating Facts from Lies and Stopping Fake News in Its Tracks by Bruce Bartlett just came out and a link above leads to a listing of ‘Reliable news and statistics resources’ listed in the appendix. Below are notable excerpts.

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Things That Matter to NJ Media

You can excerpt lines from Fawlty Towers to apply to almost any situation. For example*:


Sums up perfectly how I feel every time a ‘journalist’ granted access to a politician on account of their fawning skills (and ability to masquerade them) brings up crucial topics like property taxes or pension underfunding without the wherewithal or inclination to pursue the answers because those issues are not of primary importance to them. For example here are some questions, the stump-speech answers, and we move on.

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Do All Governments Lie?

In the last few days three things caused me to examine that question:

  1. We are having a gubernatorial election in New Jersey where property taxes are the main issue that people care about while pension debt would be the main issue if it were explained properly yet there is no media coverage on these real problems;
  2. I was interviewed by a journalism student at Ithaca College for a class assignment on citizen journalism; and
  3. I saw this movie.

My conclusion:

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“Biggest Pension Event In My Lifetime”

My quote from a Reuters article on the voting by participants in the NYS Teamsters Pension Fund to accept benefit cuts:

The vote is “probably the biggest pension event in my lifetime,” said John Bury of Bury and Associates Inc of Union, New Jersey, who advises pension plans.

Here is the reasoning behind that statement.

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Media Watching Itself

I just came across a One on One with Steve Adubato program recorded last March where Andrew George of NJBIZ makes three valid points (two overtly):

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Is Covering Fake News Real News?

A quick diversion.

It seems we have always had unanswerable questions to divert us like:

  • What came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it still make a sound?
  • If you say something and your wife isn’t there are you still wrong?*

To which we now add:

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