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Broken News (II)

Rest of the book excerpts.

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Broken News (I)

Chris Stirewalt, who had a hand in pulling the trigger on Trump in Arizona in 2020 and got bounced from Fox News for it, has a book that diagnoses the development of the “media rage machine”.

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Free the Press

Yes, still on hiatus and I will probably not blog on the approval of the Local 966 Pension Plan for a bailout that is scheduled to come this week but, in my time off, I did get to a book that I wanted to excerpt here.

I have a beef with Brian J. Karem and his obituary for American journalism that I will get to after these excerpts.

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Recessional (2)

The last part of the book, made up mostly of his National Review articles, has David Mamet doing some bemoaning of his day job.

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Recessional (1)

By this time David Mamet should be making the media rounds as an elder statesman with much wisdom to impart. That he has but his new book, made up mostly of his National Review articles, is not what our info-tainers want out there.

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Where were the watchdogs in Clark?

It has been a while since I submitted a letter to the editor but I had an angle and the Star Ledger decided to print it yesterday (second letter here) even using my links.

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NJ Pension Fund Savior

There are a lot of frustrating aspects to living in New Jersey. This is number one:

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News and How to Use It

Subtitled “What to believe in a Fake News world”, the book, an alphabetical dictionary of terms, presents less of a narrative and more of an opportunity for skimming and sampling.

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The Truth About COVID-19 (Book)

Who are the knuckleheads here?

This book points the finger the other way and it’s ongoing (though at least he’s not closing parks again).

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The Truth About COVID-19 (Foreword)

Super-spreaders of misinformation (stalkers or the stalked?):

A reason for the stalking would have been this book which, thanks to one of the few reasons to stay in New Jersey (their library system), I was able to pick up today in Edison. The full CCN clip is below the excerpts from the forword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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