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Media Watchdogs?

The New York Times headline seemed interesting:

In New Jersey, Only a Few Media Watchdogs Are Left

But then it turned out NOT to be about why there is supposedly less oversight over journalists but rather implied a nonsensical link between having fewer people working on newspapers and somehow there being less coverage of important government actions.

Three points:

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Why Not Kill This Press?

As a parting gift to New Jerseyans Chris Christie is looking to do away with most newspapers by taking away the ad money local governments are obliged to pay them. The state’s largest newspaper, the Star Ledger which stands to lose millions of dollars, fought back with an editorial this morning that, ironically, made Christie’s point.

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Connecticut Yankee on Teacher Pensions

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy “develops and advances free-market, limited-government solutions in Connecticut” and today they focused on our blog entry on Teacher Pensions (for which I was interviewed) :

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Public TV Punks Out on Public Pensions

NJTV’s Capitol Report program did quickie interviews with three probable 2017 Democrat gubernatorial candidates on  issues facing the state.  In looking for the video online I found a 9/24/11 show they did with State Senate President Steve Sweeney taking credit for what he and Governor Christie accomplished with, first pensions, and then Atlantic City.

The interviews themselves are little more than a string of platitudinous sound bites unquestioned, unresearched and, for anyone aware of the real situation, unwatchable.  Excerpts from those shows are below but this next video tells us much more:
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How Paparazzi ARE a Free Press

[Author’s note: This blog piece has been posted simultaneously here and on countywatchers with only a few words of the lead-in example altered]

What became obvious to me early on blogging here:

Public plan actuaries lie about everything for personal gain and to appease their patrons

What then became obvious, and disturbing, is that the media, what little of it there was (and is) covering real issues on this topic, did not seem to notice and the general public suffers to varying degrees due to their willful ignorance, self-interest, or simple laziness in admitting this useful piece of information into their coverage which would then explain a number of subsequent fiascoes that I chronicled here that always seemed to catch the general public by surprise and should have opened up those mainstream media outlets to derision, if not legal action.

It’s not happening and one new book even takes the position that it is the blogosphere that is intruding upon the news outlets who whore themselves out to those they cover. In The First Amendment Bubble: How Privacy and Pararazzi Threaten a Free Press, Amy Gajda argues that abuses by quasi-journalists (publishing mugshots and revenge-porn) is limiting what ‘real’ journalists get access to and she uses the example of The County Watchers (sic) in her book (from page 153):

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The Biggest Twit

I hesitate to post this since it is hard to believe that  the Christie campaign would be this clueless.  But, just in case……

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Union Leader Endorsement

Four years ago the largest newspaper in New Hampshire endorsed a Republican for president in 2012:

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