Where were the watchdogs in Clark?

It has been a while since I submitted a letter to the editor but I had an angle and the Star Ledger decided to print it yesterday (second letter here) even using my links.

Concerning the editorial “A culture of racist corruption in Clark Township”:

Yes, the Clark governing body should be called out for paying $400,000 in hush money to a whistleblower to keep secretly recorded racist comments by Mayor Sal Bonaccorso and two police officers hidden. However, from personal experience with scores of Clark residents, I do not see the town as racist. I see the people as betrayed, including by the media.

If your editorial is correct and the $400,000 payment was unanimously approved by the council in February 2020, based on the agenda from that meeting, Clark residents were told they were approving a “program of revaluation of real property in, by and for the township.” It should have raised an alarm that this was an “emergency” appropriation that, according to the township’s chief financial officer at the time, “might not be necessary” — but there was nobody to question it then or to report on it later.

The vast majority of the people of Clark that I know are friendly, welcoming people who are not racist in any way and and will do what is right if told the truth. Unfortunately, the mechanism for disseminating truth is apparently flawed in Clark, in Union County, and in most of this state.

John Bury, Kenilworth

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  1. Posted by nj2az on April 5, 2022 at 10:36 am

    I grew up in a neighboring town. the old joke was “How do you spell Clark? C-L-A-R-K-K-K”


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