The pension administration profession has recently taken to offering core seminars for Continuing Education credits on topics like ethics, ESG. and DEI. For example at the last ASPPA conference this past October General Session 3 was:

CE: ASPPA Ethics

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not what it was 10, even 5 years ago. The discussion and expectations businesses, employees, and the public have in this day and age morphed from ambiguous statements about support for diversity that didn’t require action years ago to today’s unavoidable demands for change and a vast cancel culture that carries heavy consequences. Learn what DEI means today and how to navigate in the workplace going forward more informed and equipped to contribute in a positive way. Cheslie Kryst is an Emmy Award-nominated correspondent for a nationally broadcast entertainment news show, where she began working following her term as Miss USA 2019. She previously practiced law as a civil litigation attorney and has worked, advised, and spoken on DEI and related topics for years.

Yes the issue is socially important but doesn’t our group have bigger problems to address? Apparently the speaker did.

My recollection of General Session 3 was that it was better than the General Session 2 Brain Game and that Ms. Kryst’s presentation was very professional in broaching issues that most attendees were not inclined to focus on as they were larger in scope and beyond our powers to fix, as opposed to our roles in fostering:

All issues related to ethics that have gone unaddressed for too long to the point where it may be too late.

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