Coping with Bromides and Brian’s CD

Lot of unknowns all around me and I thought mini-books on fear and grief might help. Verdict still out on them but not on my friend Brian’s annual holiday CD.

Dwell on what you want instead of what worries you. (page 4)

Treasure your nemesis. (They can really help you get things done.) (page 68)

The less you try to control, the more relaxed you will feel. The less upset you are about what has happened, the less fearful you’ll be about what might happen next. (page 163)

Try to be grateful for all you’ve had thrown at you. The good. The nasty. The ugly. The strange. ALL of IT has a benefit. (page 176)

So it turns out – who knew? – that worrying does absolutely nothing to safeguard you against the future. What it does do very effectively is ruin the present. It takes you out of the present moment, forces you to live through an unpleasant imaginary future, and provides no insurance that your work will come to anything. (page 138- Grief book).

Brian’s playlist:

youtubes I could find:

And one of mine:

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