ASPPA 2021 Conference: Day 2

Grinding through for those CE credits.

General Session 2: Current Events — Brain Game

Painful in an unfunny way. Two minutes of information stretched over two hours.

WS31: Get up to date with 5500 updates!

Louisiana plans got an 5500 extension for 2020 forms to January 3, 2022 on account of Hurricane Ida.

Apparently, DOL has said they have computer software that recognizes whether an audit attachment is an expolanation letter or the actual audit and will send a 45-day rejection letter if the former.

WS37: Compensation Consternation! (Part 1)


WS43: Compensation Consternation! (Part 2)

Deferral election made within the plan year by a sole proprietor can read ‘maximum’ instead of having a dollar figure per Derrin Watson.

Kim owns two sole proprietorships.
• The businesses jointly sponsor a plan
• Kim’s NESE:
– Business 1: $200,000
– Business 2: ($60,000)
• What is Kim’s compensation

What do you think? Will tell you what Derrin Watson thinks tomorrow if I can review sessions.

General Session 3: The Demand for DEI in 2021 and Beyond

Supposed to learn from Miss USA 2019 what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) means today.

Victoria’s Secret as an example of what not to do (not the sexual exploitation part, which apparently is fine, but who to use to do the exploiting – more ‘plus-sizers’).

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