SFA Bailout: Tracking the Half-Trillion

Based on 2019 5500 data, 1,100 union plans had unfunded liabilities totaling $650 billion. Were all these plans to somehow get 80% of those liabilities funded by the SFA bailout that would come to over half-a-trillion dollars. If I know anything about my fellow actuaries, the clients they work for, and the politicians they (both those actuaries and their clients) lobby, that money will be collected.

It has started already with the insolvent plans (19 of them) applying with 20 others at similar funded levels likely to apply in the next month. Here they are sorted by funded ratio:

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  1. Posted by geo8rge on October 5, 2021 at 11:30 am

    If Biden is out in ’24, will the bail out go through? There might a a change of attitude, Biden’s $3.5T infrastructure (and lots of other stuff) bill is not sailing through and perhaps more surprising is a mere $1B for the Israeli Iron Dome project (but really cash that can be spent on anything) is also not sailing through.


  2. […] round 1 of plans already insolvent or projected to be insolvent by March 11, 2022 and, based on a review of 5500 data, there should be another 20 in this round […]


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