Slandered and Muzzled


  1. the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.

That’s exactly what happened to me tonight at the Kenilworth council meeting but, rather than describe it, let’s all wait for the video to go up on the borough youtube channel, if it ever does.

Suffice it to say that the mayor read a critique of my mailer and then accused me of stalking her. I denied it but in my comment time was not allowed to finish my rebuttal (and also was not allowed to file a criminal complaint since the officer at the desk claimed it was a civil matter). Maybe so but, for the record, here is what I would have said in my defense if we had free speech in Kenilworth.

You are a captured government. Your commitment is to the people who pay for your campaign flyers: Harbor Consultants, BGIA (Gary Taffet), Suplee Clooney, Depaolino Renaud and even Joe Neri.

At this point there was a back and forth about the Republicans getting money too and I was going to inquire who from (since they reported no contributions since 2019) but councilman Mark David cut me off saying this was not for the good and welfare of Kenilworth. I stopped talking and walked out, making it clear that I was being barred from speaking and ejected from the meeting. This is what else I was prepared to say:

Who paid for the mailer? I did through the Union County Watchdog Association and my business which explains the mini-advertisement in one corner. I am in negotiations now for more mailers but they will have to come after October 15 when my busy season at work ends.

My motivation for the mailing was to inform fellow Kenilworth residents of the facts as I see them. After they have that information, what they do with it is up to them, but I am at peace.

Inform them of what? Merck leaving and taking $8 million in taxes with them, steady increases in my taxes over the years and seeing no urgency from this council to do anything about it. Rather they cater to a developer of a stupid tenement project and their campaign donors.

It is my money that you are funneling to them and I have a right to say it. If you want to shut me up then exempt me from paying property taxes like you do 12 other property owners in Kenilworth (incidentally I am still waiting for a response to an OPRA request as to the reasons those properties are exempt from taxes).

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