Accountants Who Give Also Get

As a followup to the blog on New Jersey accountants donating to political campaigns here is an update of the spreadsheet with more worksheets and a chart listing donations by some of accountants with their name, number of donations made over the years, total dollar amount, and one of the municipalities where candidates got that money. Below that are links to their work.

Bowman & Co: Deptford 2021
Petroni & Associates: West Deptford 2021
Lerch Vinci & Higgins: Rahway 2021
Donohue Gironda & Doria: Bayonne 2012
William Antonides : Beachwood 2019
Ford Scott: Brigantine 2021
Ferraioli Wielkotz Cerullo & Cuva: Palisades Park 2021
Samule Klein & Co.: West Caldwell 2021
Dimaria & Dimaria: Rochelle Park 2017
Hodulik & Morrison: Carteret 2019
Suplee Clooney & Co: Kenilworth 2021
Holman Frenia Allison, PC: Monmouth County 2021
Louis Mai: Elizabeth 2021
Nightliner Colavita & Volpa: Logan 2020

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