I sampled a few pages and was going to return it to the Randolph Library unread but then I noticed Chapter One was titled ‘Sex and Money’ so what could be the downside of a skim/read while watching the Bucks game?

This town is full of celebrities making TV shows and movies, famous politicians, people gaining or losing power, scenic architecture, nubile coeds, embassy parties, and countless cosmopolitan fancies that stun those of us who show up as rural out-0f-towners. (page 3)

There are campaigns, especially for newcomers to Congress, funded by small communities, members of Boy Scout troops, baseball leagues, and so forth. (page 10)

I have my own infrastructure-themed slogan – #OpenGaetz – that comes from my days as an attorney, suing governments to open records for public review. (page 11)

I should know. I’ve catfished hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interests. (page 13)

And too few Republicans know how to think, let alone fight. (page 19)

[Trump] has called to talk sports and to give me advice on my romantic misadventures. (page 19)

Even when we agreed with John McCain, he wasn’t effective – and perhaps to his Democrat admirers that was the point all along. (page 28)

Unlike Beltway fundraisers, few [Mar-a-Lago] attendees wanted anything from Trump other than for him to keep fighting. (page 90)

Comedian George Carlin said, “The word ‘bipartisan’ usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.” (page 96)

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