Who’s Building the Kenilworth Tenement? (III) My Evidence

I went through campaign donations, land records, and election results to figure out how 3.79 acres in a heavily trafficked area will get a housing project for 165 families. I brought my information to the Kenilworth council yesterday to confirm some background information. Unfortunately there is no video because I messed up.

On the Kenilworth Borough website they say work sessions start at 6 pm and regular meetings start immediately after and are recorded so I was planning to come around 7 pm without my camera but decided that might be risky for my first meeting in a while since work sessions might be short. I arrived at 6 and a meeting started with a public comment session so I presumed they did away with the work session this time and went right into the regular meeting which would be recorded. I was wrong. Two others spoke at the work session after they saw me go up there and they both chose to reprise their comments at the regular session but I decided against it since what seemed like the 30 minutes of Q&A&VI (Question & Answers & Veiled Insults) I got yielded most of the information I was after. Here it is:

Democrats controlled Kenilworth from 2015 though the 2020 election brought in (barely) 3 Republicans so we are now at 3 to 3 with the Democrat mayor breaking ties (like the one for this tenement project).

Joseph Neri sold 3.79 acres of vacant (except for cars and trucks) land to an LLC he likely owns for $1 which indicates he was looking to retire his towing operation and maximize the value of the land for sale. To this end he donated to Republicans when they were in and then to Democrats when they were in:

Around 2016 Harbor Consultants took the initiative charging for this and other projects an astounding $1,381,167 while donating to Democrats in Kenilworth over that period:

Whether this project benefits Kenilworth is debatable but one thing is certain. Democrats in Kenilworth have been paid to think so.

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