Who’s Building the Kenilworth Tenement? (II) The Rollout

New Jersey (the state with, by far, the highest property taxes in the nation) decrees that municipalities provide ‘affordable’ housing even though it is government decrees that are primarily responsible for making housing unaffordable. Kenilworth’s plan was the subject of some spirited discussion in a divided council:

Here is the town planner explaining the situation and decreeing what is to to be done.

Mt. Laurels and COAH:

Now revealing the plan to the public:

Though it was being discussed (away from the hoi polloi) for four years:

Finally the vote and public comment (apparently a lot of people did not get their Home Tribune this week):

That makes 25 low-income housing units (out of 165 total) to go up within 500 yards of the busiest intersection in the borough:

With 328 more to go somewhere.

Next, in the weeds.

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