Who’s Building the Kenilworth Tenement? (I) The Letter

That’s the first question I had after I read a ‘Dear Kenilworth Resident’ scare letter that came last week warning that if some project does not go through “the Court will also decide where else in the Borough other affordable housing projects should be located, rather than allowing the Borough to make such critical decisions on its own.”

Apparently a lot of the decision-making power has already been ceded to whomever drafted that letter which got me curious as to what is behind this:

Joseph Neri sold 3.78 acres of vacant land at 25 North 26th Street to NJ25NO26TH B183L9, LLC in 2009 for $1. Current annual taxes are $58,250.

Here is our current governing body:

Mayor & Council

Board Members

Mayor Linda KarlovitchMayor – Dem
Councilwoman Kay Ceceri – Council PresidentPublic Safety Chairwoman – Dem
Councilman Joseph FinistrellaPlanning, Zoning & Ordinance Chairman – Rep
Councilman Scott PentzRecreation & Fire Chairman – Rep
Councilman Gerald “Gerry” LaudatiFinance Chairman – Dem
Councilman Fred PuglieseEducation, Health & Human Services Chairman – Rep
Councilman Mark DavidPublic Works Chairman – Dem
Frank Capece, Esq.Kenilworth Borough Attorney

Rep/Dem races have been tight in Kenilworth for the last few years with Democrats slightly ahead most years until the 2020 election when 3 Republicans won in close races. It is now 3 -3 with the Democrat mayor breaking ties but two Democrat seats are up in 2021 and that Republican campaign literature might mention this project so the day after the June 8 primary the letter went out.

It has been a few years since I took an interest in Kenilworth affairs but this seems worth the effort. Next: a contentious council meeting.

Address25 NO 26TH ST
Sale Reported$1
Sale Verified$1
Land Assessment$947,500
Building Assessment$0
Total Assessment$947,500
Seller Street7 SUMMIT RD
Seller City/StateCRANFORD, NJ
Seller zip00000
BuyerNJ25NO26TH B183L9, LLC
Buyer Street720 BOULEVARD
Buyer City/StateKENILWORTH, NJ
Buyer zip00000
Deed Date10/26/2009
Date Recorded11/10/2009
Qual Code 
Assessment Year09
Class Code1
Living Space0
Property ClassVacant Land
Owner Information
Address25 NO 26TH ST
Google Map
OwnerJN25NO26TH B183L9, LLC
Owner Address720 BOULEVARD
Owner Zip07033
Property Information
Transaction Date011717
Property Description 
Size3.79 ACRE
Bank Code00000
Deed Book05789
Deed Page00408
Deed Date10/26/09
Purchase Price$1
Assessed Price$947,500
Construction Year0000
Assessment Information
Land value$1,137,000
Improvement Value$0
Total Assessment$1,137,000
ClassVacant Land
Use Name 
Property Tax Information
Muni Rate (per $100 Assessed Value)$1.488
Open Space Rate$0.000
School Rate (per $100 Assessed Value)$2.584
County Rate (per $100 Assessed Value)$0.987
Total Rate (per $100 Assessed Value)$5.123
Muni Tax (estimated)$16,919
Open Space Tax (estimated)$0
Total Muni Tax (estimated)$17,646
School Tax (estimated)$29,384
County Tax (estimated)$11,221
Total Property Tax (estimated)$58,250
Average Value in Town
Average Residential Value$182,835
Average Residential Property Tax$9,367

3 responses to this post.

  1. […] Neri sold 3.79 acres of vacant (except for cars and trucks) land to an LLC he likely owns for $1 which indicates he was looking to retire his towing operation and maximize the value of the land […]


  2. […] The property is currently zoned as ‘vacant land’ and will be rezoned to accommodate 165 residential units, 25 of which will be considered affordable housing. […]


  3. Posted by qpat00 on August 4, 2021 at 12:07 am

    whats amazing is that per the letter from the mayor, she wants all this high density created, burdening the infrastructure, creating huge traffic, possibly impacting the school system negatively and even decreasing the residents quality of life and their quiet enjoyment just so public sector workers can live there? Is she nuts, all this for public sector workers???


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