Latest Record Project

Variety noted that Van Morrison’s “new release, the double album ‘Latest Record Project, Vol. 1,’ spans over two hours and consists of a series of bizarre rants and blues numbers that criticize millennial culture, Facebook, the mainstream media, psychiatrists, judges and, with no apparent irony, people who bitch.” They list what they see as the “10 craziest lyrics” from the album* all of which I saw as the sanest ‘rants’ I had come across in some time. A search for the CD was fruitless but luckily and youtube came through.

Tracks in order:


* So you don’t have to, we dug up the 10 wackiest lyrics from Morrison’s latest album:

1. “They control everything you do”

They tell us that ignorance is bliss
I guess for those that control the media it is
They own the media, they control the stories we are told…
Believe it all and you’ll never get, nеver get wise
To thе truth, ’cause they control everything you do
Everything you do, everything you do, everything you do

(from “They Own the Media”)

2. “Plan to start meetings in the forest”

Caretakers have taken over the main building
The governors have gone over the wall
Plan to start meetings in the forest

(“Western Man”)

3. “Mind control keeps us in line”

Mind control keeps us in line
That’s why we’ve got to think outside the blind lеading the blind…
Have to police everyone’s mind
Nowadays you have to be careful of everything you say
But it’s all by design

(“Double Bind”)

4. “Mainstream media junk”

Got to get out of this blue funk
Stop listening to the mainstream media junk

(“Blue Funk”)

5. “Why are you on Facebook?”

Why are you on Facebook?
Why do you need second-hand friends?
Why do you really care who’s trending?
Or is there something you’re defending?…
Are you looking for a scapegoat to blame?
Because you’re a failure time and time again

(“Why Are You on Facebook?”)

6. “Used by the media”

Used by the media
Used by the media
For their agenda
For their agenda

(“He’s Not the Kingpin”)

7. “You’re too lazy to go out and work”

Gave you a million Euros
Said that it wasn’t enough
How come when you’re still fit and able
You’re too lazy to go out and work

(“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”)

8. “Four judges screwed me over”

I’m a targeted individual
Got to get to the bottom of who’s pulling the strings…
Tried to erase me as a father
Tried to get me to go away et al
Expect me to still pay through the nose
Think I don’t even have a choice…
Four judges screwed me over
Backed me up against the wall

(“The Long Con”)

9. “Control all your unconscious desires”

Who’s got the ball, is it Freud or Jung?
Or are you just too high strung?…
Can we help you change your life?
Control all your unconscious desires and drives

(“Psychoanalysts’ Ball”)

10. “Stop bitching”

Stop bitching, do something
Stop bitching, stop bitching right now
Stop bitching, stop bitching right now
Stop bitching, stop bitching right now

(from “Stop Bitching, Do Something”)

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