Pretty Low in NJ

John Reitmeyer of njspotlight hit it on the head during this week’s Reporters Roundtable program that otherwise examined in painful detail the Murphy campaign being a safe-haven for rapists and Menendez being accused by someone associated with the FBI* of vacationing in the Dominican Republic primarily for the underage prostitutes.

I would only note:

Reitmeyer is part of the media.

Though njspotlight covers a higher percentage of grown-up issues than most other media outlets they do participate in the charade of false relevance that has crippled intelligent discourse.

Maybe these reporters believe people want to be entertained** rather than educated or that concentrating on matters relating to real life would turn off the majority of their audience who are looking for distractions from those unpleasant realities. In any case, here we are seventeen days out from another one of those ‘most crucial midterm elections ever’ and  it has become all about the ‘character’ of people who are in the business of pandering for money to get elected so as to be able to repay powerbrokers.



* It could have even been someone who once wore one of those Female Body Inspector shirts they sell in DC kiosks. Not sure as I refuse to read beyond the headlines on these diversion stories.

** In another clear example that these political animals are only entertaining unintentionally and in a cringe-inducing way, an story on what should be a non-issue ended with:

“My successor can’t stop talking about me,” Christie said at the event, then referencing the first lady, he added, “other than Tammy, I’m the second most popular name that comes out of his mouth.”

Murphy in response: “But I do want the governor to know this, he may be in second place in terms of how often his name is mentioned behind Tammy. But he has no chance of getting into second place behind Tammy on bed night kisses.”

So who is currently in second place? The exchange put me in mind of:

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by skip3house on October 21, 2018 at 10:23 am

    In midst of trivial observations’ huge volume being accepted as U.S. measure of achievement.


  2. Posted by boscoe on October 21, 2018 at 11:33 am

    “Maybe these reporters believe people want to be entertained rather than educated….”

    There’s ample evidence that people DO want to be entertained rather than educated. After all, the entertainer-in-chief has staked his current career on that belief, and he appears to be doing fine. His 4:00 a.m tweetstorms, his Barnum & Bailey barnstorming campaign for R candidates, his over-the-top appeals to voters’ worst instincts are all devoid of educational value…except for this one educable fact: it apparently works.


    • My wording was confusing on that. Of course the vast majority would prefer to be entertained over educated but I was referring to people who tune into NJTV and sites that are supposed to educate – which is presumably why they get taxpayer money. I do not want NJTV or Phil Murphy entertaining me and, as the article I linked to amply shows, they are hardly the best entertainment option.


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