NJ Pension Payback Bill (3)

According to observer.com on Thursday:

A5322/S3620- The Assembly will vote on a bill that would allow former Camden Mayor Dana Redd—as well as some other elected officials—to re-enter the public pension system she left in 2010 when she left the Camden city council in order to become mayor. The bill has been controversial, partly because New Jersey’s pension system is underfunded as a whole. The bill was introduced in the legislature last month and fast-tracked. It passed the state Senate last month, and Christie will likely sign the measure if it lands on his desk in the coming days—Redd has been a loyal Christie supporter.

Because of a snow day the vote was postponed to today. So what happened today?

According to Politico – a snag:

A rushed bill that would secure a better pension for former Camden Mayor Dana Redd appears to be in trouble.

The Assembly on Monday took up the measure during the final voting session of its two-year session, just a month after it was introduced. There was no debate, but the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji pulled it from consideration when it failed to gain enough votes for passage.

The bill, NJ S3620 (16R), had 32 yes votes, 27 no votes and 12 abstentions when it was pulled. It needs 41 yes votes to pass. It passed the state Senate last month, 23-9.

Mukherji told Speaker Vincent Prieto he would work on securing the bill’s passage.

As if there was ever any doubt on what this was all about, Politico continues:

Legislative leaders insist the bill was not written solely to benefit Redd. It was introduced just last month and rushed through the legislative process, although its provisions were found in a larger 2014 bill that failed to gain traction.

But the bill appears to have been written specifically with Redd in mind. For instance, when it became clear the measure would not be signed into law by the time Redd left office as mayor on Jan. 1, making her no longer eligible, it was amended to ensure that officials “will be deemed to have met the requirement in this bill for holding elective public office on the effective date of the bill if the person’s term of office expired within 30 days before that effective date.”




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  1. Posted by geo8rge on January 8, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Assemblyman Raj Mukherji

    Labeled a “wunderkind” by the media,



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