Same Sad State of Affairs in NJ

A ‘public affairs’ program premiered today on New Jersey TV as sponsored by:

From the latest available 990 filing for Caucus Educational Foundation on officer compensation:


With those factors in place it was no wonder that the first interview with our presumptive next governor offered nothing of substance on either pensions or school funding but, for the record, here are the prevarications we have come to expect, if not demand, from these guys:



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  1. Posted by George on March 12, 2017 at 3:01 am

    Ambassador to Germany? Does he speak German? Yes fluently. Which a surprised me.

    Murphy’s emails were Wikileaked, and they pissed off the Germans.

    German-U.S. Relations Will Survive WikiLeaks — but the Trust Is Gone,8599,2033526,00.html

    The Times wants you to know the many similarities between Corzine and Murphy are just coincidence.

    Despite Similarities, Candidate for New Jersey Governor Says He’s No Corzine – The New York Times. But atleast Murphy is neither illiterate nor innumerate. The bad news is he might be predisposed to textbook private sector solutions like mergers that dont work for governments.


  2. Posted by truesally on March 12, 2017 at 8:54 am

    Murphy understands the issue …NJ must grow the economy ,but is lost about how to do it’s high taxes that have clobbered our economy ,taxes must be cut not raised ,companies will not come here or have left just for that reason .You can’t tax the state to prosperity ,when will they ever realize this …NJ is the most highly taxed state in the country ,that alone should tell anyone where to start .


  3. Posted by NY on March 12, 2017 at 11:37 am

    John — I don’t get the point you’re making here. Steve Adubato clearly set up this non-profit entity to produce this show (and maybe do more stuff; it’s not clear), and it pays him a half-million/yr. There’s a general issue of whether it’s OK or not for non-profits to pay big-league salaries to their top execs, but I don’t see how his salary somehow compromises him. To convince me that he’s compromised, you’d need to show where the $4M/yr grants that supports Adubato’s non-profits comes from, and that the donors exert some sort of corrupting influence. But I don’t see any evidence of that in this post or the 990 itself.


    • I think the programs he puts out are proof in themselves. They are puff pieces for his guests and propaganda vehicles for his sponsors. If a state employee were pulling down half-a-million dollars to put on these video press releases it would be scandalous – even in California.


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