Why Not Kill This Press?

As a parting gift to New Jerseyans Chris Christie is looking to do away with most newspapers by taking away the ad money local governments are obliged to pay them. The state’s largest newspaper, the Star Ledger which stands to lose millions of dollars, fought back with an editorial this morning that, ironically, made Christie’s point.

And because this is New Jersey, let’s carefully consider the weapon this bill would place in the hands of a sleazy politician. It’s not just that they would be able to hire family members while no one is watching, or vote themselves a raise.

As it happens there are sleazy politicians voting themselves raises right now in Union County and this will be the fourth time in four years they will have done so.

The general public would be far better off if they got into the habit of checking government websites (or even attending government meetings) instead of getting their information filtered through entities dependent for their sustenance on bribe money doled out by the officials they are supposed to watchdog.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by steve on December 14, 2016 at 11:14 am

    You are 5000% right–the sorry part is that most people are lazy to a fault when it comes to the workings of government—-what ever happened to lower school civic classes–we should start with the schools and work our way up–diligence and follow up are the only defense against the present system of notifications and intents by the legislature bodies -the more exposure the better–be it Tv, internet,news papers or town cryer


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