Christie’s New Job

Even before the latest S&P debt downgrade (with Fitch and Moody’s likely to follow any day) it was clear that Chris Christie had virtually checked out of his job as New Jersey governor.  A Trump win allows his body to rejoin full-time his heart and mind.  The question is where?

With Christie dropped as head of the transition team and a move away from business-as-usual governance at this point what type of position is Chris Christie slotted for in a Trump administration? Because we know he’s going to take whatever is offered?

Other Votes:

  • door man at trump tower – 2
  • Radio/TV host
  • Resident Fat Ass – 2
  • shine boy
  • Used toilet paper holder
  • a job that doesn’t require confirmation
  • NJ attorney general-job aint done
  • head of President’s Commission on Anorexia
  • Goebbels
  • POTUS Food Tester
  • Govenor of California
  • Trump’s errand boy
  • Paintball – “Shoot The Geek” “
  • Insult Clown at Dunking Booth
  • Gigolo

9 responses to this post.

  1. Chris,

    You’re Fired!


  2. Posted by Bpaterson on November 17, 2016 at 9:04 am

    shows the power of the Kushners when you mess with that family. Patriarch Kushner even tried to hang his brother with prostitute pictures. CC tried to clean that up as AG and pretty much did, but nothing goes away for good and aint revenge a bitch. Suggestion, Trump should dump jared not CC.


  3. Posted by Anonymous on November 17, 2016 at 11:56 am

    I can barely keep up, today the Japanese PM is visiting Trump, according to news reports, Trump was not briefed by the State Dept. in the meantime a representative from one of the super pacs on Fox News told Megan Kelly the new administration should consider internment camps for Muslims like the US camps that housed Japanese. Speechless, what next the camp will be at Gitmo, internees will be round up and leave by ship from US shipping ports (we who have cable or WiFi will watch on CNN). Trump and Co. need to get control of its message, it’s starting to sound like the US 4th Reich 2016. This is what happens when white nationalism is given a big presence in a new administration. The Kushner connection will be exposed once Trump is sworn in, me thinks the cartel runs north to Canada and to Israel, this 35 year old is simply the messenger. Some wealthy folks love power, influence and control, what else do you need when you have excessive abundance. Everything reveals itself, the paid intelligence community must be working overtime. The Trump Connections will be the best political intrigue reality show ever played out for all to see on social media and cable. God help us!!!!!!


  4. Posted by Anonymous on November 18, 2016 at 6:37 am

    As the Governor, Chief Executive, employer for the State of NJ, why Hasn’t CC been cited for job abandonment? When you are on the public payroll the expectation is you come to work which results in a paycheck. How does that work legally if during normal work hours NJ Governor CC wasn’t under the gold dome in Trenton, NJ but in the gold encrusted Trump towers serving as the leader of candidate/President elect Trumps transition team. The CC gets demoted which is an employment term, by Trump and suddenly he’s back in NJ present in his paid public sector job as Governor, what public employee gets to do this? Anyone else would be removed from there job, especially with so much documented evidence that support negligence of duty. The rules of employment law applies to CC, he should resign.


    • Where is the public outrage—-they’re protesting the election resulsts—-let’s also protest the behavior of Chris Christie. John Bury: Will YOU join me in that historic march?


      • Posted by Anonymous on November 18, 2016 at 12:46 pm

        Might I suggest we focus on the Congress undoing “best practices” regulations by the US Dept.of Labor to protect retirement savings and control advisors fees/advise. House members beholden to the Financial Services industry are seeking enough votes to undue existing and pending safeguards for millions of retirement savers. What about the greater good, retirees who are ripped off by greedy financial advisors become government dependents. We need millions of voices to stop the elimination and gutting of retirement savings accounts.


        • Anonymous: I like to effectuate two positive actions at the same time. Will you meet with me and lead the protest I suggest? We should also invite the labor unions to join us or have they become fans of our fallen-from-grace leader?


  5. Posted by Anonymous on November 18, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    The union executives drank the Christie kool-aid, thus the pension mess, so I have no faith in them, they probably back Trumps assaults on labor laws, because of his past and present business dealings.


  6. I think commenters are being a bit rough on Christie. Yes, he’s crude, selfish and all of that. Yes, cutting the estate tax is regressive, etc. But his rivals and wannabe successors all pretend that the pension/retirement problem isn’t a big problem (at least in their public statements), which to his credit he isn’t doing–


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