My One Informed Vote

Eric summed it up:

The only politician seemingly supporting retirees was Bernie Sanders, who got flattened by the Clinton corruption machine, which was in part, sponsored by the DNC.
Clinton belongs in prison; Trump belongs in the nut house.

This comment hit home when I got my election ballot and found there was only one vote that I could honestly cast as an informed citizen.

I know nothing about what Clinton or Trump will do for me in any significant way or what they stand for aside from whatever will work to get them the most votes.  The process we have of educating the public on presidential candidates is based on pundits, ignorant of important issues, trying to predict how voters, ignorant of important issues, will vote with no ingress for anything bordering on intelligent discourse.

Local candidates are just names on signs which means that I can expect them to be lackeys-first for the people who paid for those signs.

I also have no idea of what allowing casinos 72 miles from Atlantic City or using gas taxes to pay for roads will do for me or the state. I can only hope it makes it harder to embezzle tax money but I doubt it or else why would it be on the ballot? Then we get to Public Question #3 which should read:

Do you want to be taxed $10 million in perpetuity so Union County can continue to use 90% of that tax money for its own budget?

But on the ballot it will be phrased this way:

Approval of this referendum will authorize the extension of the “Union County Open Space Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund.” The revenue produced shall be used exclusively for the acquisition, development and maintenance of lands within the County for recreation and conservation purposes, and the preservation and acquisition of historic properties in the County for preservation purposes. The revenue shall come from an annual levy of 1-1/2 cents per $100 of total County equalized real property valuation. For example, the owner of a property assessed at $100,000 would contribute $15 annually to the Trust fund. The amount of the levy will not change; this is the same amount that the voters approved in 2000. This measure also allows the County to use Trust Fund monies to pay debt service on indebtedness incurred for Trust fund projects, other than maintenance. Utilization of the Trust Fund’s resources shall be in accordance with the open space, recreation and historic preservation plans prepared and adopted by the County.

The question appears this year as the freeholders anticipate a passel of Clinton robo-voters ignorant of their actions to support their thefts.

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  1. Posted by NY on October 30, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    We do have a public statement on Central States from Hillary that seems rather pro-bailout, so we might guess that she’ll be pro-bailout when it comes to public pensions: “…Congress must now come together around an alternative solution that maintains the financial health of the our pension system and ensures workers and retirees can enjoy the secure retirement they’ve earned.”


    • Thanks for the link but, as with literally every other topic under discussion (so to speak), no specifics and nobody presses for specifics.

      These multiemployer and government plans cannot pay all benefits promised so is Clinton’s plan to back up 100% of those promises? 90%? 0%? Nobody knows and even posing the question seems out of line in this environment.


      • Posted by Anonymous on October 30, 2016 at 7:26 pm

        They deserve better than a plan that would take away as much as three-quarters of some retirees’ pension income—money they were told for years they could count on.

        IF you can believe half of what politicians say then the cut off appears to be at least 12 1/2℅ (half of 25℅)?


        • Posted by PS Drone on October 31, 2016 at 7:58 pm

          Let’s make a deal: all public pension payouts deferred until age 66 (62 with 24% haircut) and max pension is $60K. In exchange for those simple modifications beneficiaries get 100% of “what was promised”. Now that is a “fair” deal.


          • Posted by S Moderation Douglas on November 1, 2016 at 7:17 am

            Tough Love and I debated that ad nauseum (Sorry about that… we still debate it, just not on John’s dime.)

            The average age for public sector retirement is 60. For the last forty years, most of those I have worked with retired closer to 65. And none of those had a pension over $50,000, even with 35-40 years service.

            The irony is, because of pensions and retiree healthcare, those at the lowest pay scales are the most “overpaid” compared to equivalent private sector workers.

            And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m just a big fan of irony.

      • She said something similar in remarks last year to AFSCME, if you believe Wikileaks:

        “I’ll also work with you to advance a broad strategy on retirement security – one that protects defined benefit plans…”

        My guess is her strategy when push comes to shove will be to “monetize” all or nearly all unfunded-DB-pension liabilities (multiemp & public) via the Fed with as little fanfare as possible, which has the advantage that it doesn’t require her (or any state governor) to raise taxes. I guess her advisors will justify it to themselves by viewing it as QE direct to her downmarket foot soldiers (rather that to ‘the rich’), and that unlike QE as we’ve known it since 2008, they’d spend a large fraction straight on goods/svcs (rather than being saved by ‘the rich’ as today). She’ll probably just pay 100% rather than go to bat on ‘spiking’ and similar games, because doing so would be too embarrassing to her union cronies. And the piper doesnt get paid until the day far, far away when the USD begins to wilt, the way the GBP has since the Brexit vote.

        I’m not saying this is a good idea, just that it’s my best guess of how she’ll address the liabilities. I’d be keen to hear other’s guesses, I agree there’s very little clarity. Re: Puerto Rico, she’s also still very cagey.

        I’ll say this for her: her advisors discuss in the Wikileaks emails the possibility of making 401k/IRAs less attractive for high-earners, to refocus towards the original intent of govt-subsidized retirement savings, which is basic income security to avoid penury/hunger. This isnt the worst idea i’ve ever heard.

        Thoughts? Am I crazy for thinking this is a plausible scenario?–


  2. Posted by dentss dunnigan on October 31, 2016 at 8:01 am

    What do you think Jon is the is opening the door a crack for pensions cuts .


    • Looks like specific to California and hinges on the definition of ‘reasonable’. All I see this doing is getting public employee unions more involved in politics so they get more of the people favorable to their side in positions to define what is ‘reasonable’.


  3. Posted by George on October 31, 2016 at 11:41 am

    “Trump belongs in the nut house.”

    Trump did not spend his adult life running for president or any other elective office, so maybe forgive him for not polishing his act.


    • He did a lot of catching up real fast – especially with the Christie alliance which is indefensible except from the standpoint of convenience.

      Remember when Christie came in as a reformer? How did that work out?


  4. Posted by Eric on October 31, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    Polishing his act? Commenting on beauty pageant women being overweight when people cannot find full-time jobs? Adult children living in their parents’ basements? Unaffordable health care with Obamacare enrollment exemptions for the ruing elite class in Washington?Offering Christie a VP slot? I am sorry, that is insane. I would treat Christie like a spent nuclear fuel rod. There must be a hundred mile quarantine.
    Any “normal” candidate would be 35 points ahead in the polls over Hillary, since she has been part of the establishment since Bill took office. Trump has so much to work with, including some of the points mentioned above, yet blows it. He is crazy. He constantly is distracted like a child with a severe learning disability.
    Wikileaks released information that she, meaning Hillary, is back to stealing furniture from government buildings.
    Remember the Clintons rented out the LIncoln bedroom in addition to stealing White House furniture? They even “plucked” the bird Air Force One clean.
    I never voted for Bill. I voted for George Herbert Walker Bush and for Bob Dole. I also met Bob Dole several times, and greatly enjoyed his company. Dole was a true war hero, badly injured in WW2 by German machine gun fire.
    Where was Bill during Vietnam?
    Commander In Chicken.
    PS John, thanks for the compliment.


  5. Posted by S Moderation Douglas on November 1, 2016 at 7:20 am

    ” Donald Trump Promises Evangelicals ‘Great Power,’ Higher Church Attendance – …”

    ” Trump promises to create 25 million jobs with economic plan ”

    Any Trump voter who believes this belongs in the nuthouse.

    One… Trump doesn’t really care about Evangelicals/middle class.

    Two… Even if he did care, he is impotent/incompetent to do anything.


    • Posted by PS Drone on November 1, 2016 at 11:32 pm

      But you forget that he has a “trump” card: He is not a sociopathic, lying, corrupt, self-serving, professional bureaucrat who only cares about power and the continuation of her family’s position.


      • Posted by S Moderation Douglas on November 2, 2016 at 6:16 pm


        He is a sociopathic, lying, corrupt, self-serving, “businessman” who only cares about… Trump.

        We can only hope John is correct in his Nov. 2 post…

        “* The assumption that Clinton will win…”

        “… it is hard for me to believe that these polls showing a tight race are not flawed because they do not take into account the massive amount of work party machines do on election day (robo-calling, driving senior citizens, email blasts – and that is only the legal stuff). Clinton has the Democrat machine behind her to do these things while Trump seems to have alienated a good chunk of those Republican cogs.”

        The close polls are scary as hell to me. The only consolation is, if he happens to get elected, in my opinion, he will not last a full term. No, he won’t be impeached. He won’t be assassinated. Within the first two years, he will throw a Sarah Palin hissy fit and resign. Probably one step ahead of the law.

        And the entrenched Republicans are already planning how to limit the damage he will try to do.

        In my humble opinion.


  6. Posted by Eric on November 5, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    S Moderation Douglas:
    Do not worry, your Hillary Clinton will win. The “Deep State” would never allow a Donald Trump presidency. I am not voting for either of them. I never listened to Trump about his “rigged” election rhetoric, since this is not news. Mayor Richard Daley made sure that JFK “won” the State of Illinois by holding back the Chicago returns until he knew how many Kennedy votes were needed. Many voted for JFK from their graves. At least Kennedy was an honorable and an effective President.
    I only hope that Hillary does not initiate World War 3 with Russia. Ironically, Putin is our only hope for world peace, in that the US military has “ring fenced” his nation with military bases which may be able to launch nuclear weapons. A “preemptive strike” is now part of the protocol of the US military pertaining to nuclear weapons. Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him? So much has changed since I met him several times in 1983.
    The US was not too happy with the arming of Cuba, by the USSR, with missiles containing nuclear warheads when President John F. Kennedy brilliantly resolved the conflict. Of course the US had to remove its Jupiter missiles from Turkey. This was accomplished, although not simultaneously with the disarming of Cuba.
    Hillary never saw a war she did not like. She voted in favor of all of them.
    She called Putin the new Hitler. Russia lost at least 20 million people to Hitler in World War 2. She is an extremely dangerous provocateur. She will be quite safe in her luxurious bunker while the rest of us are incinerated for her actions. Your action, S Moderation Douglas will be voting for her, which is an irrelevant act in the Banana Republic of the USA.


    • Posted by S Moderation Douglas on November 10, 2016 at 7:34 pm

      Moderation didn’t vote for Hillary. Like so many others, Moderation voted against Trump. I wonder how many others did that? Most of my family in the Midwest (Bible belt) voted very passionately against Hillary. Number one… Reverse Roe v. Wade. Number two… Repeal Affordable Care Act. Number three… Get the government out of my life! (But don’t f*ck with my Social Security.)


  7. […] one of which I thoroughly understood, and left without voting for any candidate on the ballot for reasons I previously went into. I expected a Clinton win because most others did based on irrational prejudices as magnified in […]


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