CF10: Why an Implementation Task Force

Page 13 of the Roadmap suggests the establishment of an Implementation Task Force for the Christie-Freeze plan:

In the course of the Commission’s work, it has learned that getting the details right in defining the terms of health benefits plans and the provisions of new retirement programs, coordinating them with each other, and managing the transition from existing programs are major technical undertakings. As such, they cannot be the responsibility of an appointed Commission with limited resources and a limited time in which to act. For this reason, the Commission recommends that the Governor establish an Implementation Task Force to assume this responsibility and that the Task Force have all the resources necessary, including staff and legal and actuarial support, to address these complex implementation and transition issues.

Why is it that the New Jersey legislature can’t take up the implementation part now that they have a roadmap?  Two reasons….

  1. They are, for the most part, part-timers looking to game the system for their own benefit and do not have the wherewithal, nor often the inclination, to actually legislate without a good reason
  2. They need to be bribed to get anything done

It is that second part primarily that requires the Task Force.  Legislators can’t very well take the $100 million or so that the Task Force would have as resources and pay themselves directly so it needs to be done through a cabal consisting of connected lawyers, lobbyists, and other insiders with the connections to not only ‘persuade’ legislators to pass the CF but also to spread money to think tanks and media outlets to manufacture support.

3 responses to this post.

  1. This is the ideal time for Christie to take a look-see at Governor Kean’s advice given 30 years ago. It is a solid plan and one that needs to be implemented forthwith.


  2. Posted by MJ on March 4, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    I wonder what will happen to the funds after everyone is done suing each other.


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