R.I.P. Star Ledger (1939 – 9/8/2014)

They may still use the name but as of September 8, 2014 NJ Advance Media, according to their website, will launch content operations (with 6 people including the current editor-in-chief of the Star Ledger) on September 8, 2014.  Sales and Marketing, with 14 people, is presumably already launched.  According to the linkedin page of its president Matt Kraner:

NJ Advance Media provides content, advertising and marketing services to NJ.com and New Jersey’s leading newspaper, The Star-Ledger, with certain services to other daily and weekly newspapers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are a company positioned for the future. We embrace the rapidly evolving digital landscape and are committed to developing new solutions across current and emerging media to help advertisers grow their businesses. We challenge ourselves to develop new approaches to reporting news, sports and entertainment content that’s most relevant to New Jerseyans.

All monies will also be going through NJ Advance Media as I learned from a resolution at last week’s Union County freeholder meeting:

2014-690 Amending Resolution 2014-13, designating official newspapers of the County of Union, to reflect a change in name from the “Star Ledger” to “NJ Advanced (sic) Media.”

There was a time for me when the Star Ledger mattered. I got it every day and trusted that if it was not in the Ledger it was not worth knowing about.

Time and experience changed all that. I rarely even look at the paper now and only check online for the few snatches that may appear recording what some politician said about pensions.  But I still had flickers of hope.  That a Dunstan McNichol would reappear.  For an occasional perspicacious letter to the editor that sneaks in.  That someone might take it upon themselves to abandon recording for reporting.

But on September 8, 2014, when news content officially becomes a commodity, that flicker dies.

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  1. Posted by MJ on August 20, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    The link states that Dusty died suddenly. Anybody have the scoop on what happened? I’m always skeptical when someone who exposes the liars, cheats and scumbags dies suddenly. What’s the story? and what did he die from as he appears to be relatively young.


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