Unanswerable in Union County

I started attending Union County freeholder meetings about six years ago in part to get material for a weekly column I had in what is today the LocalSource and was then the Kenilworth Leader. At the time, to my amazement, the freeholders were not answering questions and I got an article out of it.  Subsequently they started answering questions, to varying degrees, but this year it looks like they have relapsed (note that this video is unedited – the pause was really that long):

These ‘public servants’ smugly refuse to answer to the public. “It’s public comments not public questions” and we don’t need to answer to those who:

  •    pay the taxes
  •    take time to attend these meetings for no remuneration
  •    research the issues
  •    suffer the abuse and ridicule of those who expect they will have us pay for their defined benefit pensions and lifetime health benefits.

Shame on them:

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