Lean on Issues in New Jersey

The Newark Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest newspaper, is likely to announce its closing later this month but, in the meantime, they have weighed into the gubernatorial race by going with this as their lead story today:

Chris Christie, America’s most overrated governor: Moran

One reason* for the hit piece is that though New Jersey has a Republican governor most of the localities that make decisions as to where to place legal ads are Democrat-controlled and most of those controllers get a warm and fuzzy feeling in seeing this kind of drivel first-thing on a Sunday morning.  So it is good business for this guy Moran to come up with a laundry list of Christie failures though on each issue ignoring the obvious.

The New Jersey economy might well be tanking but would we be better off with Jon Corzine & Friends still running things?

The state’s Open Space program might be “essentially dead” but did Christie misappropriate that money like the Democrats in Union County did?

The ‘reforms’ to the state pension system might have been too little and too late (which Mr. Moran didn’t even mention in his article) but would they have even been on the table had mainstream Democrats been in control?

There is plenty to criticize Chris Christie for but the criticism should be pointed or, at least, entertaining.  Another non-issue came up this month about Barbara Buono making a fat joke that Christie took umbrage at as a low blow. In a letter to the editor I suggested that…

“rather than sheepishly denying that she is calling our governor fat Barbara Buono would be better served by embracing the issue with a Jersey attitude while simultaneously focusing on real problems.  For example, in her next public utterances she might consider comments like: Chris Christie is so fat that……

  • ….when he is on a ballot there is no room for senate candidates so they need to spend $24 million on special elections.
  • ….there are days when his calorie count is larger than the state pension’s unfunded accrued liability.
  • ….public employees worry that during the next superstorm generators they usually get to take home will need to be deployed to keep the gubernatorial refrigerators operating.”

Not only would this make it a real fight but it would be nice to see the state’s woefully funded pension system at least alluded to.”

I do not expect that letter (or anything insightful, trenchant, or funny) to appear there in print which is why the general public will not lose much when the Star Ledger itself no longer appears in print.
* Another reason could be that Tom Moran was a Christie target being labelled ‘thin-skinned’ for asking a question as to whether Christie was too confrontational.

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  1. Posted by Tough Love on September 15, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    John, Perfect post !

    But please, let’s not even mention Barbara Buono’s name. I want to vomit every time I see, hear or read about her. There is no one so IN-THE-UNION’S-POCKET as Ms Buono.

    Taxpayers (Democratic, Republican, or Independent) desirous of any fiscal restraint in NJ would be nuts to vote for her. If she gets elected we may as well just “assign” one retired Public Sector worker to each Taxpayer and have OUR paychecks direct-deposited into the Public Sector worker’s bank account.


    • Posted by bpaterson on January 9, 2014 at 7:13 pm

      nearly 15% are directly related to receiving pay/bennies from all levels of govt. Another 15% are related directly as family, another 5% are professionals like legal, arch, engg, CM, bond professionals receiving non-competitive contracts, another 15% are part of matl and supply contracts received for govt operations. I’d say we have a 50% bloc that we first have to dismantle or marginalize before any real progress can be made.


  2. Posted by briandin on September 17, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Given that Christie would have done more, but was blocked by the legislature, on the topic of property tax relief, I found Moran’s editorial oddly self serving and to be standard leftist propaganda. I look forward to the demise of the SL.

    And to your point about no mention of the path Corzine had NJ on, does anyone not think it is just a matter of time before the Corzine solution of “monetizing” the turnpike and/or parkway (to temporarily buy more time as Christie’s claims about putting the pension system back on a sustainable path prove by events to be negligently optimistic or, worse, politically expedient to secure a second term) is adopted to allow the ostriches in Trenton to kick the can even further down the road?

    Inflation a la Austria-Hungary-Germany of 1919-1921 is the only thing to bail them out, and in the process reduce the population of NJ to abject poverty and government dependency which will make today’s levels seem like the heyday of the social darwinism movement.

    How sad that NJ – the battleground of the Revolution – should be reduced to this..


    • Posted by Tough Love on September 17, 2013 at 2:20 pm


      Actually, I believe that even hyperinflation won’t help as if I recall correctly, the Unions thought of that too, and the plans “purchasing power” can never fall below 85% of that at the time the person retied and started collecting benefits.


      • Posted by briandin on September 17, 2013 at 3:05 pm

        Ah, but “purchasing power” as defined by the CPI (which excludes food and energy, right?).

        I have to admit I didn’t remember this purchasing power refinement. Is that enshrined in the NJ constitution or merely a promise made by the legislature? And is this something Christie agreed to as part of the “pension reform to end all pension reforms” (homage to another former NJ governor who DID manage to become President)?

        I have no trouble believing that in the event of a currency devaluation or other “black swan” event, that the people of NJ will be motivated to modify the Constitution, as necessary, to throw the public sector ticks off their collective backs.

        Alternatively, there will be taxpayers left in NJ to give a damn (Detroit on a statewide level).


        • Posted by Tough Love on September 17, 2013 at 3:40 pm

          Quoting …”I have no trouble believing that in the event of a currency devaluation or other “black swan” event, that the people of NJ will be motivated to modify the Constitution, as necessary, to throw the public sector ticks off their collective backs.”

          Well Said !


  3. Posted by bpaterson on September 18, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    JB1, just so happens we are on a parallel course: I had started a blog about the Ledger and its agenda back on 9/13/2013, and the first post is about this Moran fake article. http://starledgermanipulation.blogspot.com/


  4. Posted by bpaterson on September 18, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    oh yea, as to the fat jokes, I liked yours JB1, but how bout this:

    Christie is so fat, when he was campaigning, he traveled from north jersey to south jersey he got wedged between perth amboy and Camden.


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