I am reading Dollarocracy by John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney about “How the MONEY and MEDIA ELECTION COMPLEX Is DESTROYING AMERICA” and was considering writing a rebuttal piece titled ‘Dumbocracy’ since money and media people should not be able to manipulate the intelligent and informed.  But then I watched one of the most biting social satires ever committed to celluloid from an unexpected source: Don Knotts and the cast of McHale’s Navy.

‘How to Frame a Figg’ came out in 1971, the same year as Clockwork Orange, and was considered popular entertainment.

The plot…

The ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’…

The point….
It has always been so. Money men get a “bunch of dummies” to run their towns with the media running a profitable sideline printing legal ads and unedited press releases. With the public silenced, assuming their business is being taken care of, the plunder ensues and everyone is in on it with (in the past) plenty of loot (jobs for relatives, pensions, perks of office) to go around. The only false note in Figg is that a John Carmoni exists. In the real world the State Attorney General would typically be appointed by the governor and the idea that someone not ‘in the game’ would gain access is preposterous though I am testing that theory at the moment.*
* This report on Union County raiding their Open Space Trust Fund is before at least one New Jersey Assembly person and an investigator at the state Comptroller’s office. We’ll see if there are any Carmonis among them.
PS: 1971 was a different age as far as political correctness went. It is hard to imagine this scene getting by today’s censors (internal or external):

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  1. Posted by Eric on September 7, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    I did not know that Joe Flynn or “old Leadbottom” was that short or that he died of drowning at the early age of 49.
    I enjoyed that show. Rest in peace Joe. You had talent and gave us many laughs.


  2. Posted by George on September 8, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Article speaks to a past issue of why the boneheads in government OK all sorts of silly things. Coercion. Mothers Against Drunk Drive please take note of how extremist laws against drunk driving and way too low blood alcohol limits invites abuses like false reports of drunkenness in hopes that a tiny amount of alcohol is found in the persons blood.

    Special tip for pension reformers, Only drink at establishments with detailed receipts and save those receipts:

    “Righeimer passed the test and wisely saved his receipt showing that he purchased the sodas.” .

    Civil suit says union allies harassed city reformers


  3. […] trust fund money for their general budget.  I met with two state representatives in early 2013 about it. Nothing […]


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