Gay Marriage and Unrepresenative Government

MYTH: Political leaders promote the general welfare.
TRUTH: Political leaders are often busybodies who want to force their preferences on us.
John Stossel; Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity (page 103)

2013-597 FREEHOLDER ALEXANDER MIRABELLA & THE ENIIRE BOARD: Resolution urging members of the New Jersey State Legislature to overturn Governor Christie’s veto of Assembly Bill A-1 and Senate Bill S-1, the “Marriage Equality and Religious  Exemption Act,” in wake of the United States Supreme Court Decision striking down key provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act.

The resolution passed unanimously and 530,000 residents of Union County are now on record as being in the forefront for supporting gay marriage in New Jersey.  Are they really?

State Senator Raymond Lesniak Support:

Freeholder Support

Public Support

I plead ignorance on the specifics of this issue but I suspect there are a good number of residents of Union County, and at least one religion, who would not support the freeholders and may have their own reasons for strongly opposing the measure.  Who represents them or are they to be marginalized since they don’t accede to the palatable, for the moment, stance?

Union County just raised my taxes by 8.3% and they’re focused on these complicated social issues that they have absolutely no practical experience in? This, of course presumes that none of the freeholders or Senator Lesniak are either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. If I am wrong in that assumption then how are politicians going to settle this issue when most of them are neither gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender themselves and most of those who are have, of necessity, closeted themselves? They clothe their arguments in the language of civil rights when it’s their personal preferences they seek to advance.

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  1. The blogger writes: : . . .TRUTH: Political leaders are often busybodies who want to force their preferences on us.. . .”

    To which I reply: “Very true and most especially if the busybodies happen to be Republican or other Right Wing types.

    I have never witnessed a situation like we have today where right wing legislators are so seemingly interested in controlling whatever a woman does with her own body – – – with trying to revise textbooks to make them more conservative – – trying to force their own brand of religion down everybody else’s throats – – – blah blah blah.


  2. Luckily, nobody’s religion gets to dictate people’s rights under the law.


  3. Posted by george on July 28, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    How much will Gay marriage increase Social Security and other government liabilities?


    • Incalculably. Having these diversionary issues taking time away from their real jobs makes more Detroits inevitable.

      Sometimes I think there should be two legislative branches. One to deal with these social issues and the other to do the budget and they should have absolutely nothing to do with each other. As it is now, the latter group does not exist.


      • Posted by bpaterson on July 29, 2013 at 1:57 pm

        JB1-it does exist but not as a legislative body. The budget is now farmed out to professional consultants, who just coincidentally are the same ones that donate to the elected officials campaigns. Just read thru the list of union county resolutions and you will get an idea of the same professionals who are involved throughout the state and other county finances. Heck the best guess who is really crafting ALL the govts budgets in NJ is probably the connected legal firm DeCotiis Fitzpatrick. Union county govt and its entities do nothing without DeCotiis’ professional assessment and blessing.


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