Obama to Detroit: Drop Dead

He didn’t say it out loud.  He wouldn’t.  But some can read between the lines and it’s not only the birthers.

Today on Democracy Now:



And Niall Ferguson concludes his book, The Great Degeneration, with a response to this speech from last year:


This surely is the authentic voice of the stationary state: the chief mandarin, addressing distant subjects in the provinces. It is not that the implied interdependence of the private sector and the state is wrong. It is the overstatement of the case that is disquieting, as if it took government to build every small business or, indeed, to ‘create the middle class’. Also striking is the conspicuous absence from the speech of any future project comparable with those cited from the past (the Manhattan Project would have been a even better example, but presumably it is not politically correct).

In the same way, President Obama’s second inaugural address suggested that the appropriate yardstick for an effective government was ‘whether it helps families find jobs at a decent way, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified’. By contract, ‘without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control’. The words ‘debt’ and ‘deficit’ were not mentioned. The dangers of excessive regulation and litigation were ignored. And civil society scarcely featured at all, as if the hallowed phrase ‘we the people’ is now synonymous with ‘the government’.

It is bad enough to see state capitalism touted as an economic model by the Chinese Communist Party. But to hear it deployed by the President of the United States as a rhetorical trope nearly devoid of practical content makes this writer, for one, pine for the glad, confident morning of 1989 – when it really seemed the West had won, and a great regeneration had begun.

People may finally be waking up though it could be too late for some, as Detroit pensioners may find.

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  1. Posted by bpaterson on July 25, 2013 at 4:49 pm


    if you have a business you didn’t built it yourself. It was teamwork between us, with you providing the brainpower, the footwork, the risk of your home based on a loan for company start up, the sweat-equity.

    And we, the govt, are there connected to you as the other half of the team at every step:

    with policies to make sure you are not infringing on other corporations, the environment, the state mandates,

    with banking regulations to make sure you properly service the debt and have appropriate collateral that the bank loans are structured by,

    with bankruptcy laws to make sure if your company fails your assets will be liquidated and distributed to creditors fairly and accordingly,

    with tax laws to make sure you are reporting every nickel and dime or payment in kind that your company has as income,

    and lastly with the corporate and the personal taxes themselves as a vig to assure that our side of the team is promptly and fully paid quarterly to provide you with the laws, regulations and policies you have to live by while you can only make money after the govt team along with the creditors gets their due.

    We are happy to team up with you Mr Businessman, we are sure it will be a lucrative endeavor…….for us.


  2. Posted by Eric on July 26, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Obama has no say in what will become of Detroit. He has been reduced to a dog being told to pee onto the newspaper rather than onto the carpet by his puppet masters.
    Don’t blame Obama, in that how many of us are able to take a $100 million vacation on the backs of the taxpayers? That is his payback from his handlers. Not bad but certainly not moral. As for any business, he simply does not give a damn. Never did. He was a community organizer and a hate spewer. This is deep within his being.
    Recognize him for what he is namely a politician. Do not hate him. Hate destroys.


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