Losing Our Filters

For most of my adult life whatever local political information came to me came through newspapers. A Saturday night ritual was taking a walk to Union Center to get the Sunday papers early. If it wasn’t in the Star-Ledger or the New York Times I wasn’t going to know about it since it probably wasn’t worth knowing. Or so I believed until about five years ago when I woke up. Later this year most of the remaining Star Ledger readers lose their information-crutch and it can only be for the greater good.

Advance Publications is threatening to stop publishing the Star Ledger this year if they don’t receive massive union concessions – massive in this case meaning 55% pay cuts for a start.  That’s not going to happen so, unless they’re bluffing, New Jersey’s largest newspaper (340,778 as officially sold to advertisers though more than 160,000 of that is online) will be gone and with it:

  • Advertiser-driven content (including ‘stories’ in Travel, Living, and Business sections and government bribes masquerading as legal ads)  -75%
  • Sports -10%
  • Data (i.e. Home Sales, TV listings, movie times, box scores) – 5%
  • National News – 5%
  •  Local News –  4.9%
  • Investigative reporting – 0.1%

And even their investigative reporting is derivative of public information for those with inclinations to dig beyond press releases.

Everything that the Star Ledger puts out is available elsewhere in greater quality and quantity.  Without it maybe more will notice.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by skip3house on July 7, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    0.1 , that much investigative reporting? We have lost our interest in how we are governed, for the bulk of us. Stop Egypt aid? We should stop aid to Congress, etc.


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