How Government Really Works*

If you want to make money off of taxpayers you need to get the most pliable ciphers into decision-making positions so you can consult to them for your benefit.  One way:

  1. Donate to candidates likely to be elected who can be easily manipulated (or at least won’t ask questions)
  2. Sell them on a scheme that supposedly will benefit taxpayers but, regardless of whether it does or not, will be lucrative for you
  3. Let the chips fall where they may but make sure you get your money up front
  4. When the crash comes – deflect, deny, or distract as appropriate

As an example:

  1. Individual lawyers for DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole, LLP donated $120,000 over three years to Union County freeholder candidates guaranteed election
  2. DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole, LLP came up with a scheme to put up solar panels throughout the county at no cost to the entity that signed up and even promising savings on energy costs
  3. The scheme was built on SREC values and yesterday imploded though money was made.

Though some of the details (mainly the DeCotiis campaign contributions) were still sketchy to me when Union County signed up, it seemed pretty obvious back then:



We are now at step (4) and the only outstanding questions are who DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole, LLP will wind up blaming (assuming they even have to answer for this debacle) and how long it will be before they feel confident enough to introduce that plan involving wheels and hamsters.




* In Union County, NJ, that is, which may be an extreme case.  Here we have one-party control where the party head (until June 4)  is also the head (until August 1) of the Authority that floated these bonds and who got to hand-pick the freeholder board.

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  1. Posted by Javagold on May 29, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    Government……Means NEVER being held accountable


  2. If you are a private sector person(IT, pharma, etc) you can never run for office. No responsible job would let you guarantee being at 7PM meetings multiple times a week. Therefore, self employed people (Mostly lawyers, some real est, finance, builders) must dominate local politics. The nature of their business means theyare VERY interested in getting a family member a job(for tagging along on benefits) and also VERY interested in not making waves(all DWI, Wills, Closings, Divorces, etc will be shut off by the largest and second largest employer(Board of ED#1, Public safety#2) if you tell the truth. That is the underrated problem, as a Catholic school parent these townies are VERY interested in their public school sports teams (esp their kids making them) so dont expect any help to Catholic schools. These are the facts..sad.


    • Posted by Anonymous on May 30, 2013 at 12:31 pm

      Why isn’t the AG investigating any of these alleged offenses. Sounds like grift and corruption galore. Where us Christie on this or does he pick and choose. Sounds like Arthur hit the nail on the head. The rest of us are working 10 hour days to pay for the folly.


      • I have never seen this mentioned but i know in my area(your sister state of Conn) where i have lived my whole life all the the “unpaid” town positions are held by people who will be paid off very well by “playing ball” with the unions. The pay is seemingly inoccuous positions held by spouses(secretaries with full medical, mediocre kids who “magically” appear as fire dept or perm substitute teachers when no one knows positions available), being the preferred lawyer at the firehouse/teachers lounge for everything.


  3. […] ain’t happening.  What would astonish someone with a little knowledge of how government really works in New Jersey would be if there were a campaign donor anywhere, anytime, for any amount who did not personally […]


  4. […] or party who does not expect (and get) payback of some sort.  How about a law firm where the lawyers get together each election cycle to give $30,000 to the campaigns of freeholders and somehow….  That’s legal here so what’s the problem with hedge fund honchos working the system […]


  5. […] about a law firm where the lawyers get together each election cycle to give $30,000 to the campaigns of freeholders and somehow….  That’s legal here so what’s the problem with hedge fund honchos working the system we have, […]


  6. […] It’s been (being) done. […]


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