Downside to sexual deviancy in elected office

Holding political office should come with a set of requirements that should have nothing to do with your sexual orientation.  Or so I thought when I woke up this morning.

For years I was represented by the same state senator, Raymond Lesniak (1983 – now), and two Assemblymen, Neil Cohen (1994 – 2008) and Joseph Cryan (2002 – now).  I drive by their legislative offices in Union almost every day and will do so in a few minutes.  They’re all Democrats in a safe district with no fear of losing an election once they get handed the ballot spot by those they really answer to.

Ray Lesniak comes off as the clean one.  His legislative priorities consist of sports betting and gay marriage, backing both as he did Jim McGreevey.  The only hint of scandal was a recent break-in at his home where the two men were immediately apprehended since they were conveniently in jail on unrelated charges when the authorities went looking for them.

Neil Cohen viewed and distributed child pornography and was convicted for it.  This morning Joseph Cryan’s emails to an alleged stalker were revealed.    Please read them all here and report back.  I could only get through about 20% of them before the references to leather, spanking, and bondage overwhelmed me.  Maybe the last couple hundred are better.

Typically the Union County Democratic Committee controls their selections by picking malleable neophytes for some offices but on the state level you could lose if you put someone dumb enough to take orders out there.  So you need another hook to keep would-be Mr. Smiths in line.  Are they picking flawed candidates who they can reign in when the time comes?  How many more fetishests and child porn addicts populate the New Jersey legislature.

This morning I didn’t think it mattered.  I was wrong.

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  1. Posted by George on March 25, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Reading through things it appears the issue is abuse of power as Cryan used his position to pursue possibly bogus stalking charges against his mistress/lobbyist after he wanted to break up. My guess is he would never had had a mistress if he were not in power. So one explanation is just old fashioned absolute power corrupting absolutely. My guess is John Bury has some weakness for something that a lobbyist could indulge. Women, food, golf, some sort charity, a relative in trouble. So I don’t really blame Mr Cryan.

    As for the woman, I don’t blame her for stalking, it is a long way down from “lobbyist” to being paid by the hour.

    The old adage I don’t pay for sex to get women to have sex with me, I pay them to go away afterward. Of course such service is expensive so engaging with a lobbyist shifted the cost to the taxpayer.


  2. Posted by Javagold on March 25, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    this POS had 20 cops go after her , for “stalking”…….time for this fucker , whose son bashed someone with a baseball bat, to fall


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