Here’s an example of how it’s done in New Jersey:

In 2003 several farmers got $1.5 billion in taxpayer money, including more than $1 million to the Laurita Winery in Plumsted Township, Ocean County, for an easements to retain their farmland in perpetuity.

As reported by the Press of Atlantic City recently, the State Agriculture Development Committee alleges Laurita Winery asked permission to host weddings in 2005 and was told it was no. It alleges weddings have been held since 2009 and that brick patios, gas fire pits and an arched pergola were constructed for events.  At its May meeting the committee voted 10-0 to approve a resolution directing Laurita Winery to stop hosting weddings within 30 days.

Laurita Vineyards and Winery, LLC began contributing to Assemblymna Ronald S. Dancer -$500 in 2007 and $500 in 2011.

Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer is the Primary Sponsor of Bill A323  introduced on January 10, 2012 and reading:

The bill permits agricultural tourism events to be conducted on preserved farmland provided that the preserved farmland is part of a functioning farm operation engaged in agricultural or horticultural production.  The bill also provides that each county agriculture development board, as part of its annual inspections of preserved farms, shall monitor and confirm compliance with the provisions of this bill.

The bill defines “agricultural tourism” as affordable, recreational, and educational activities, events and opportunities to learn about the production of food, agricultural and horticultural products and the State’s farming heritage while helping to encourage the preservation of agricultural lands.  The bill includes in this definition activities, events and opportunities such as hayrides, corn mazes, pick-your-own operations, farm markets, school tours, agricultural fairs, farm festivals, weddings, winery tours and horseback riding.

The key word is ‘weddings’ which, oddly enough, is the only listed activity with major money-making potential.  Would it have made the list had Laurita Winery not been on another list?

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  1. Posted by Tough Love on August 24, 2012 at 12:10 am


    Politicians are such schmucks.


  2. Posted by Anonymous on August 24, 2012 at 1:06 am

    Welcome to TL’s patented solution to all state, national and world issues: Primary School name calling! Too bad it leads to the “I am better than you mentality” when it comes to class, religion and even race.


    • Posted by Tough Love on August 24, 2012 at 1:22 am

      Bed time now …. so you can be one of the “best and Brightest” when you go to work tomorrow.


  3. Politicians are such schmucks.


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