Whose Seat Is Lesniak In?

A democracy is theoretically majority rules but what happens when elections are bought by the highest bidder?  The elected office, and the concomitant public forum, then belongs to the seat-holder and not the majority supposedly being served.  For example……
State Senator Ray Lesniak does not technically represent me as I live in the 21st legislative district and he’s the senator for the 20th but, as Union County’s big-shot power broker, his actions do reflect on me as a Union County resident.  So when the Boy Scouts want to give him an award and his reported response is:

“I cannot accept. I don’t intend to discount all the good works of the Boy Scouts, but their misguided policy of not allowing LGBT people is very troubling to me,” Lesniak (D-Union) said in a letter to the corporate sponsor that was posted on Facebook by a New Jersey-based gay rights organization.

it brings up basic questions of representation.

  • Do his actions here and on gay marriage and internet poker represent the majority of his constituents?
  • Didn’t he take a vow to uphold our constitution even if he may not agree with all of it?
  • Shouldn’t he be representing the majority of his constituents even if he doesn’t agree with most of them?

I dare say that most of the people in the 20th district would prefer to have their representative not snub the Boy Scouts of America.  Maybe in a real democracy, he wouldn’t.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tough Love on August 2, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    In a real Democracy where the majority rules, our elected representatives wouldn’t be allowed to trade favorable votes on pay, pensions in exchange for campaign contribution and election support.

    But because these self-interested betrayers of the citizens routinely make such trades, the 15% of the population who are Public Sector workers are granted pensions & benefits multiples greater than their Private Sector counterparts, and far in excess of what is necessary to attract and retain a qualified workforce.

    While LGBT rights is an important issue, whether we support it of not, it won’t bankrupt us. The granting of these grossly excessive Public Sector pensions and benefit will.


  2. Do the boy scouts accept closet gays?

    Lesniak is not a leader. He is a taker.


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