Will Lawyer for Pension

Two years ago, back on nj.com, I brought up the fact that there were municipal attorneys in the New Jersey pension system who were not supposed to be in the New Jersey pension system after 2007.  I also mentioned it to the freeholders:

Yesterday the state comptroller agreed with me though no names were released.

Below is that August 21, 2010 blog on nj.com – with names.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine in June 2007 signed into law a bill that barred attorneys and others working for government under professional-services contracts from state pension rolls but apparently not everyone got the memo.  I checked 20 municipalities in Union County to see if they were complying and I found:

Berkeley Heights: Thomas Scrivo
Clark: Joseph Triarsi
Cranford: Carl R. Woodward
Elizabeth: William Holzapfel
Fanwood: Daniel Antonelli
Garwood: Robert Renaud
Hillside: Christine Burgess
Kenilworth: Harvey Fruchter
Linden: Edward Kologi
Linden: Asst. John G. Hudak
Linden: Asst. Daniel McCarthy
Mountainside: John Post
New Providence: Carl R. Woodward
Plainfield: Daniel Williamson
Rahway: Louis Rainone
Roselle: John G. Hudak
Roselle Park: Blake Johnstone
Scotch Plains: Jeffrey Lehrer
Springfield: Jeffrey Lehrer
Summit: Barry Osmun
Union: Daniel Antonelli
Westfield: Robert Cockren

Full-timers in Elizabeth, Plainfield, Linden (3) and Union were all in the pension system.  The appointed attorneys appear to all be out of the system except for Harvey Fruchter in Kenilworth and Daniel Antonelli with his Fanwood job.

But what I want to focus on is John G. Hudak because in addition to his full-time job in Linden and his part-time job in Roselle he also has a private law practice that I found out about at the last freeholder meeting in resolution:

2010-758 CHAIRMAN SULLIVAN, amending Resolution 644-2007, to increase the
appropriation to John Hudak, Esq., Linden, New Jersey, Special Counsel in the
matter entitled City of Linden and the County of Union v. Devine Media
Enterprises, et als. for an additional sum of $10,000 for a new total contract
amount not to exceed $15,000.

The suit itself has an interesting backstory that I’ll recount when I get more video but, as to Hudak, I was told that he is a part-timer in Linden so this arrangement is fine.  I didn’t see it that way and I said so.

The upshot for me is that these situations with the outside contract to Hudak and both Fruchter and Antonelli even being in the pension plan on account of part-time jobs are suspicious.  But they go on.  That’s why I (and I suspect most of you) would hesitate in presuming guilt on the assumption that oversight exists.   Surely if there was wrongdoing then someone somewhere would be charged to act…or do we need to hire more lawyers?

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  1. Posted by Tough Love on July 18, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    John, How can I definitively check to see if a town professional (lawyer, engineer, etc.) is CURRENTLY in the Pension Plan? I could ask …. but I’m not sure I would get answered, or if I could trust the answer.


  2. Posted by Anonymous on July 19, 2012 at 12:24 am

    We put our trust in lawyers and politicians who are very often both. And then we wonder where we went wrong. I dont care how intelligent people are they will continue to vote for lawyers and politicians and continue to wonder why they arent being told the truth or treated fairly.


  3. Posted by Eric on July 19, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Good people seldom enter politics. I vote but realize that it is an exercise in futility.


    • Posted by muni-man on July 19, 2012 at 9:47 am

      You hit the nail on the head! When you constantly nominate nothing but losers, it’s no surprise what you get as officeholders. The basic choice continues to be vote Column A (Abysmal) vs. Column B (Putrid). It really is largely an exercise in futility, except for the ever-present, bottom feeders who profit off their political connections. It’s killing this country though.

      The sheer scope of this entire economic cluster**** is now becoming more apparent to folks. Bernanke was clearly uncomfortable during his Congressional testimony yesterday on the economy and it didn’t take a Phd. to see that he basically had squat to offer insofar as how to get the economy moving again. They’re stumped. All he basically said was that the fiscal cliff issue was Congress’ problem, not the Fed’s. Meanwhile, in another hearing, the sequestration boogaloo is now ramping up full bore. Defense industry execs were telling of the severe woes they’d encounter if spending were cut next year. And states thinking they’re gonna get help from Uncle better think again. Things should start getting downright ugly after 11/6 is out of the way. We’re only in the beginning of a secular economic funk that will last for years. Economic pressures are now slowly starting to do what the pols have refused to do – downsize gooberment at all levels and with it will eventually go a lot of the goodies that folks have gotten used to. It’s gonna be a relentless process with bigtime social impacts!


      • Posted by speedkillsu@yahoo.com on July 19, 2012 at 2:33 pm

        Bernanke now understands where we are heading which most of have know for some time now . There is no possibly way out BUT to crash ,we should have let it happen in 2008 but the banks who really run this country wanted one last crack at the vault .So now we are 17 trillion poorer with nothing to show bit debts .Neither guy running for office right now can solve squat ,Obama will raise taxes that will be crushing to everybody but the few at the top ,Romney will do as he is told buy time and issue more debt …N.J will be one of the first to really cave but by then the middle class will be extinct here ,we have yet to see the real housing bottom simply because the next generation will have no money to buy .Which brings us to pensions who will want to or be able to pay for others when they can’t take care of their own families ….I see a BIG hair-cut coming ,…..just no other way


  4. Posted by NFS on July 19, 2012 at 12:56 pm


    Linden attorneys Kologi (since retired from Linden), Hudak and McCarthy are not working under a professional service contract. They are employed by the City working mostly from their private law firms. No one, including the Mayor, knows how many hours any of the lawyers work because they are not required to account for their time. Of course were it not for those attorneys making political donations to the dems, I seriously doubt they’d be on the various public payrolls.


  5. Posted by Eric on July 19, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    I caught a very short portion of Bernanke’s testimony. I often wondered who would want this job when Greenspan was done. It is similar to being the Governor of NJ. I thought that Corzine was crazy in spending all of that money running for office to lead a bankrupt state. There can be absolutely no job satisfaction. Zero. It is far better to empty bedpans in that something useful has been accomplished.
    Bernanke is a bright man, some say well intended, but clueless nevertheless. He did say that the economic path of this country is unsustainable. He is an extreme optimist and, let’s be kind, “shades” the truth.I heard some congressmen speak of the physical cliff as opposed to the fiscal cliff and wondered if they were senile or just morons or perhaps a little bit of both. Perhaps a little bit of both is the correct answer.
    I taught a math class in Europe recently and constantly asked questions about the economy and the truth tellers seem horrified. Nothing has been solved. Money has been printed as was and is continued to be the case in the US.
    Some joked that their pensions have gone to Greece. Some people, from northern Europe, are in favor of the bailouts, since their pensions sought the highest return namely Greek assets. Remember, risk is always commensurate with return and hopefully, you get your original investment back in full even without the interest.
    The banking problem is worldwide and it remains to be seen how long the music can continue to play as the bankers use massive fraud to prolong the inevitable collapse which I suspect will happen when they are long gone.


  6. Hey Linden attorney John Hudak. You may have broke the law because you didn’t read the entire law and you have now subjected Linden taxpayers to a huge lawsuit with your vindictiveness and your stupidity. No wonder why you started making donations to the dems. Couldn’t hack in the big law firm? John Hudak, you should read the law BEFORE submitting papers to Linden council members. If only Linden Council members knew what you did and you have failed to inform them of the City’s potential liability. You and/or the City Clerk have not informed Linden Council Members of the potential lawsuit, for which you were served a Notice of Intent. Hudak, YOU ARE SO SCREWED, which means Linden taxpayers are screwed with your INCOMPETENCE. More to come.

    Hiding information from your own council members? It was asked in caucus this past Monday and you said NOTHING. In my eyes, you are hiding that potential lawsuit for what you did. I’d be WORRIED Mr. Hudak You too Mr. Bodek who received that same Notice, yet you too stayed silen. Don’t you have a duty Mr. Bodek to inform City Council members of their potential exposure in a potential lawsuit? If not you, certainly, the city attorney, Mr. Hudak.

    Why do you lie during caucus?


  7. Posted by Anonymous on July 22, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    John: Congradulations on finding out about Blake Johnstone The Town Attorney in Roselle Park and how this person wasn’t vested.I posted these findings on Facebook Roselle Pk forums but quickly Saul Q and his undertone achivers tried to discredit me and had me banished to bogyland. I hope that you Tina and Bruce can continue to find these facts and release them to a public that wants the truth of whats going on in roselle park. Because half of these tainted individuals live in a fantasy world which nothing is wrong with their town, until its too late..




  9. […] 2012 I blogged about a State Comptroller report that claimed hundreds of attorneys, engineers and other […]


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